What Quitting Coffee And Switching To Mushroom Coffee Did For Me. Here’s My Story.

What Quitting Coffee And Switching To Mushroom Coffee Did For Me. Here’s My Story.

Looking to quit coffee? Or even just cut back? Does that give you a minor sense of panic and dread, as you imagine yourself feeling sluggish in the morning, looking longingly at your coffee maker or walking sadly past your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. 

Don't worry!

This will not happen, because there are other (and better) options out there. Sure, maybe some small headaches associated with caffeine withdrawal, but if you’re not slamming cups, these subside after a few days anyway.

However, even after quitting coffee, it’s hard to stay way. It’s just too irresistible. The aroma, that intoxicating coffee smell, comfort of a favorite morning routine, cute coffee shops all over the place. For whatever reason, it’s too easy to miss it and come running back to your favorite morning ritual.   

Now, stick with me. Maybe you think it’s a little different, even weird sounding. But if you’re feeling these things exactly as I explained above, why don’t you go ahead and try mushroom coffee. Medicinal mushrooms have been increasing in popularity over the last few years, on popular wellness blogs like MindBodyGreen and Well+Good, and even specialty mushroom coffee shops like this one (The Chaga Company Cafe). Despite whahttps://gem-3910432.nett you may be imagining, Mushroom Coffee is just regular ground coffee with medicinal mushroom powders mixed in (don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms, and the prep is as simple as mixing a spoonful into hot water and stirring a little). 

Many varieties have several functional mushrooms mixed in, but I like the ones where you can get as many as possible in there, because the more the better with these! Cordyceps has energy-enhancing properties, Lion’s Mane is beloved for its cognitive boost, plus many more. I’ve been drinking it daily for months, and let me tell you, this stuff works wonders!  

Here’s a little more about what I’ve been feeling ever since I made the switch....

Usually, when I used to drink coffee I would feel alert, sure, but would have these sensations of heart racing, restlessness (my knees would shake all the time), and just general wasted energy. Now, I don’t feel anxious or jumpy, but rather tuned in. I suppose that’s the best way to describe it. Focused, but calm. I have tons of energy but never find it hard to fall asleep at night, even if I have a cup of mushroom coffee later in the afternoon. With regular old coffee, if I had a cup at that time of the day, forget about getting to bed any earlier than the wee hours of the morning. 

Another HUGE thing I’ve noticed since drinking mushroom coffee? My digestion is totally normalized. Regular coffee would throw off my stomach a ton, but I liked the other perks too much, so I’d deal with the discomfort. Now I don’t have to. In fact, the functional mushrooms in mushroom coffee are actually helpful to the digestive system and help keep it working properly.   

While I may not be a research scientist, I sure have made up my mind on the efficacy of this stuff!   

Some clinical trials have shown that mushrooms, especially Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps have several healing properties: anti-inflammation, anti-viral, gut protecting, high in antioxidants (even more than cherished ones like cacao, blueberries, and acai), and help the liver flush toxins. Check out the recommended article below to learn more about the research and benefits of these fungal legends. 

Recommended ReadingNo, Medicinal Mushrooms Aren't Magic, But They're Still Amazing

Another amazing thing? Many functional mushrooms are adaptogens, meaning they’re incredible at helping the body adapt and heal. As the famous integrative medicine expert Andrew Weil explains, adaptogens support the body’s ability to bring itself back to homeostasis. Some studies confirm they lessen the stress effect by supporting the glands responsible for balancing hormones, and regulating everything from energy levels and metabolism, to brain function, and even our emotions. 

The last thing I’ll add is that you may be thinking, "will this keep me alert like coffee?"

The answer is, YES! 

Even though, on average, it has less than ½ the caffeine in a normal cup of coffee, Mushroom Coffee is far better at sustaining alertness, not leaving you with those dreaded afternoon crashes and mid-day slumps.  

I can report that mushroom coffee has been the best addition to my morning routine in a long, long time! If you’re someone who loves coffee and the whole culture and comfort of it, but are caffeine-sensitive and don’t like the anxious alertness that comes with normal coffee, check this stuff out stat. I don’t think you’ll look back. 

My two cents? This health trend is here to stay and I only want to see it growing in the next few years. 

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  1. avatar Susan W says:

    I just placed my first order for “RYZE” and I can’t wait for it to come! What I’m most excited about is that I can continue with my morning coffee ritual, but with less caffeine and the added benefit of such healthy mushrooms! When I was looking through your website, I loved reading about all the amazing things that these mushrooms do. Unbelievable! I know they’re not magic, but they’re certainly a miracle! And I’m hearing the buzz that Ryze has a fantastic taste and aroma. I can’t wait for my first cup!!

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