5 Reasons Long-Haul Truckers, Grandmas, & Health Nuts Like This Drink

You might think there’s no way a group that diverse could have anything in common…and we admit, it’s surprising. But RYZE is going viral and has tens of thousands of verified 5-star reviews. So there’s room for everyone in the RYZE fam! In fact, we’re saving a place for you too…

1. Ryze Brings Energy… BUT Leaves the Jitters Behind!

1. Ryze Brings Energy… BUT Leaves the Jitters Behind!

The word “coffee” is synonymous with energy. Although Ryze provides energy, it’s not frantic or jittery.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee has half the caffeine of regular coffee. The blend is rounded out with 6 apoptogenic mushrooms that provide sustainable energy, minus the crash.

In fact, cordyceps helps with oxygenation, delivering energy to your muscles. You can think of it like a friend meeting you at each mile of a marathon, dosing out energy that you need to keep going.

What other beverage provides sustained energy (and oxygen!) throughout your day?

2. It Improves Gut Health and Reduces Bloating

2. It Can Improve Gut Health and Reduce Bloating

Studies have shown that up to 30% of people suffer from bloating. In fact, 60-70 million people in the US have digestive problems.

That’s why we included multiple gut-soothing mushrooms in our coffee blend. Turkey Tail is one of the most-studied medicinal mushrooms because of its:

  • abilityability to promote healthy digestion
  • anti-microbial properties that protect the digestive system
  • prebiotic fibres that encourage a healthy gut microbiome

What if your daily cup of joe didn’t give you a stomach ache or puff up your belly like a balloon? And instead it healed your damaged gut lining...

3. It Banishes Brain Fog and Increases Mental Clarity

3. It Can Reduce Brain Fog and Increase Calm Clarity

“I cannot express the relief I feel in being able to focus on a task, having my memory back, and not feeling like my head is in a fog…”

- Barbara

Did you know that Ryze banishes brain fog?

Reishi promotes better sleep so you have improved mental clarity. It also supports a better mood… which equals fewer anxious feelings!

Lion’s Mane enhances concentration and memory, so your thoughts are more clear and productive. It also helps restore and regenerate brain tissues.

4. It Can Improve Stress Levels and Encourage Gratitude

4. It Can Improve Stress Levels and Encourage Gratitude

Stress isn’t just mental - it’s physical too. That’s why Ryze helps protect you from physical AND mental stressors.

Shiitake helps fight inflammation, viruses, and infections. And King Trumpet mushrooms reduce inflammation and also help strengthen your body’s natural immune defenses.

Reishi can help lower stress levels, so you feel more focused and calm.

But that’s not all. RYZE believes that the most valuable daily habits are paired with healthy mental habits. So they offer free lifetime access to a first-of-its-kind mindfulness service.

5. It Fits Seamlessly Into Your Life

5. It Fits Seamlessly Into Your Life

…In fact, our customers say they love the ritual of making and drinking their Ryze Mushroom Coffee.

It's smooth, creamy, and delicious, with a latte-like feel. It's not gritty or watery.

And you might be surprised to hear that it doesn't taste like mushrooms - even mushroom haters love RYZE. The most common word used to describe it is "DELICIOUS!"

It’s as easy as making instant coffee or hot cocoa. But with Ryze, you can forget about choking on lumps of weird powder. Because it dissolves into a smooth, creamy, frothy blend. Perfect for starting your day or for a rewarding afternoon pick-me-up!

If you made it to #5 it’s about time you tried Ryze for yourself…