Woman holding coffee cup in both hands

On a mission to fuel the body and focus the mind one cup at a time.



In search of a better 

morning ritual.

I love coffee. So much so that I left my friends and family to move across the country to Chicago, to begin work as a brand manager for some of the worlds largest coffee brands including Maxwell House and McCafe. As a marketer and foodie trying to embrace the brands I worked for, I drank the products daily. I liked them at first, for the quick energy boost and jolt of productivity they (seemingly) gave me. But unfortunately, those feelings were always short lived. With every cup of coffee I'd quickly need another to keep me going. Coffee started causing me to get jittery and anxious, and the acidity would hurt my stomach. It would even mess with my sleep cycle. Pretty soon, I realized this was a real problem. Not just for me, but for tons of coffee drinkers around the world. 

I had a different vision than my co-workers at Kraft Heinz. I wanted to create products that actually benefit your health and longevity. Not ones that prioritize low costs and high margins over quality and health. Realizing this, I quit my job. And once I quit, I got to work. I wanted to create a better coffee than the ones I used to sell. A coffee that would enhance my wellbeing, for both body and mind. One without the early afternoon crash, that wouldn't make me anxious or jittery, or mess with my sleep. I started thinking about how to fix these problems, and it didn't take long for me to learn about medicinal mushrooms. These are lesser known mushroom species that have been used for thousands of years in eastern medicine to help the body deal with stress.

I called my best friend Andrée. Since college I knew she was a health guru and knew all about superfoods and nutrition. I told her my idea and she immediately got on board. We quickly got to experimenting by adding different mushrooms and other superfoods to coffee and seeing how we felt. Eventually, after months of experimentation, we nailed down a blend that tastes great and made us feel amazing. 8 simple ingredients for a beautiful body and mind: Cordyceps for energy. Lion's Mane for focus. Reishi for stress. King Trumpet and Shiitake for immune support. Turkey Tail for gut health. MCT oil for more energy and taste. And finally, coffee.

We began drinking this blend everyday. It helped us sleep better, be more focused and in-tune throughout the day. Even increased our endurance in the gym. It honestly felt like a miracle. Like we found health's hidden gem with these mushrooms. It was then that we decided we wanted to share this beautiful blend of coffee and functional mushrooms to you. To help jumpstart your day to live the healthiest lifestyle you can, both physically and mentally.

We decided to call it RYZE, and start RYZE Superfoods. Our concept and logo invokes a sunrise, as well as rising from bed and even rising from the Earth, as mushrooms do. To anyone that is willing to try something new, we can reassure you this. Our Mushroom Coffee is for everyone. We created it to benefit our lifestyles, and now it can benefit yours. So let's RYZE.