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My Morning Routine is Less of a 

Routine and More of a Mix

by Alexandra Ellis

Until I actually started my own morning routine, the thought of doing the same thing, day after day, felt like a chore.

So instead of a strict, must-follow series of events, I like to think of my morning routine as more of a flow. 

I have a number of activities that I know will get my mind right and put me in the right space energetically to show up and do the work I want to do. 

And while the pull of the number of unread messages in your inbox is strong, starting your day with one or two things that fill your cup first will set the tone for the rest of your life. 

First thing’s first - if you’re still waking up to the standard alarm clock on your phone that jolts you awake with a shot of adrenaline, do yourself a favor and download something else. 

I love Relax Melodies because I get to wake up gently to a lovely mix of birds and ocean waves that gradually get louder. A gentle wake up has made a world of difference for my overall stress levels. 

Depending on how much time I have once I get up, I’ll do some mix of the following:

1. Warm beverage

I love starting my day with a warm cup of Jasmine tea (with a scoop of collagen powder). This is one of my non-negotiables and happens every single day, even if I’m pressed for time.

The simple act of taking the time to finish a cup of tea feels like a revolutionary act in a world that’s always trying to push you faster, and it’s an opportunity to slowdown.

More recently, I’ve been enjoying RYZE mushroom coffee instead of my tea. I gave up traditional coffee more than 3 years ago but the blend of adaptogens and MCTOil helps me with my energy and focus throughout the day, with zero crashes.And as someone who usually is wide awake after a scoop of coffee ice cream, I’m happy to report that I’m sleeping better than ever!

I love how clear and focused I feel throughout my day after starting my day with a mug of RYZE. 

2. Journal

My journaling practice started by writing down 3 things I was grateful for every morning. It has since grown into a list of things I'm grateful for, 10 goals/dreams, and free form writing to help me process whatever I'm feeling that day. If you've never journaled before, start by writing "Why do I feel so..." and take it from there.

Journaling regularly and focusing on positive aspects has totally transformed my daily outlook and has led to many more super productive (and positive) days.

3. Meditate

Sitting quietly can look like many things. While you’re probably thinking of sitting cross-legged on a cushion for hours at a time, meditation for me is simply laying down for5-10 minutes and focusing on my breath.

It's another chance for me to hit pause and allow my mind to wander, which helps me feel productive and focused for the rest of the day. If you’re feeling stressed or drained, a few minutes of quiet rest can make a huge difference.

4. Move

As a mobility coach, moving is part of my DNA. I walk my dog every morning as part of my morning routine, but if I’m feeling extra stiff, I’ll spend a few minutes stretching or using mobility tools. My favorites are small balls you can use to massage your body from Tune Up Fitness or RAD Roller.

A few minutes of movement consistently helps me maintain my body so I can continue to build strength safely without worrying about injuries.

5. Read

My goal is to read at least 15 minutes a day, as often as I can. I love historical fiction, but will also read business and personal development books.

I used to envy other people’s book stacks on social media, but once I made my goal more doable (just15 mins) it stopped feeling like a chore and started being more fun. If you want to start up a reading habit, start small - even just a single page - and build from there.

6. Hydrate

I try to drink a glass of water as soon as I wake up to help rehydrate myself after a night of sleep. If you wake up with a dry mouth, sinuses or eyes, a big glass of water can help to kickstart a day of better hydration.

The most important thing about a morning routine is doing things that you enjoy.


Hopefully, some of these suggestions help you create a flow that gets your day started off right!

About the author

Alexandra Ellis is the creator of AEWellness and host of The Body Nerd Show. She is a Mobility Coach and wellness expert who helps active people move smarter, maintain their bodies, and maximize strength with customized wellness plans so they can enjoy life without pain.

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