Gaining Gratitude,

One Text at a Time

How It Works

All the benefits of gratitude journaling, 

in the palm of your hand.

All the benefits of gratitude journaling, in the palm of your hand.

Got questions? We're here to help.

Who can see my journal?

You and only you! No more worrying about hiding your journal under your bed. When you sign up, you’ll get a link to your online journal. You can choose to lock it with a password, or leave it unlocked. It’s similar to a shareable Dropbox link. If you give someone the link, they can view the page. However, there are NO links to it online whatsoever, so no one can find your journal by searching the internet. They'll only be able to see it if you choose to share it with them personally.

How can I access my journal?

Bookmark the link we text you during the sign up process! This is your personal and secure journal. You can always return there to relive a special moment, recall the details if something is hazy, or even share your memories with someone else if you'd like to. 

Do I have to wait for the daily prompt to text my RYZE journal?

No! Memories don’t wait so go ahead and text whenever you’d like. You can add on to a previous response as long as it comes before the next prompt the following morning. 

Can I edit my responses after the fact in my journal?

It's not possible to go back and edit a response to a prompt after you've sent your text. This is for a very specific reason as we want you to capture how you feel in that exact moment, without sugar-coating, editing, or perfecting it in any way. We gain gratitude by all the small moments that build on themselves. It's important to capture these raw.