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Ingredients From The Earth


Cordyceps was first discovered by Tibetan farmers high on the Himalayan plateaus over 2000 years ago when their livestock exhibited unprecedented energy and good health after ingesting the fungi. They quickly became a favorite for natural, sustainable energy and have been a centerpiece in traditional eastern medicine ever since. Now, we bring them to you in our RYZE: Mushroom Keto Coffee, so you too can feel their power. 

With their ability to deliver oxygen to the body on a cellular level, Cordyceps naturally boost energy levels, stamina, and improve athletic performance. They also significantly increase your body’s ATP levels, which is the body’s main energy supply source and is required for all cellular processes. This makes Cordyceps uniquely equipped to lower lactic acid build-up, support rapid recovery, and reduce fatigue. Also effective in alleviating asthma symptoms, Cordyceps can improve respiratory health. Enhanced sexual stamina and optimized heart and liver function are some of the other assets in Cordyceps’s impressive wheelhouse. One of our personal favorites, Cordyceps is sure to make you a believer as well. And just like those lucky livestock from thousands of years ago, you can find new energy with Cordyceps too. 

Cordyceps, a medicinal mushroom for energy
Lion's Mane, medicinal mushroom for focus

Lion's Mane

Cascading and spindly white icicles give Lion’s Mane its striking appearance and make it one of the coolest mushrooms out there. Buddhist monks certainly thought so as they used Lion’s Mane extensively to enhance focus and purpose in their study and meditation. Notable for its ability to repair and regenerate neurons by helping the body produce nerve growth factor (NGF), Lion’s Mane is known to improve concentration, memory, and mental clarity. 

Often called “nature’s gift to the immune system,” Lion’s Mane has shown beneficial effects on the peripheral and central nervous system, aiding in everything from stroke recovery to dementia and other cognitive impairments. It’s even been known to mitigate or reverse the effects of certain neurological diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's. Needless to say, this fungal legend is a real miracle for the mind. If that isn’t enough on its own, Lion’s Mane is also a vault of nutrients from protein and potassium to iron and fiber. With its ability to protect the stomach walls and intestinal lining, Lion’s Mane is also a defender of the digestive tract. This super-mushroom has you covered from your brain to your belly. 


Reishi, “the mushroom of immortality”, is a dynamic and versatile superfood beloved in Asia for thousands of years. Discovered growing on plum trees in the wild, Reishi used to be so cherished that it was reserved for royalty only. But now, it’s around for us all to enjoy. Reishi contains an abundance of polysaccharides, molecules that boost immune function and thwart abnormal blood vessels, preventing tumor growth. Studies have shown that a triterpenoid (ganoderic acid) found in the mushroom can inhibit tumour development, promote healthy liver cell regeneration, and also help fight cancer. Reishi even supports nerve growth factor (NGF), a protein vital to healthy neurological function and one that has been preliminarily found effective in healing neurodegenerative disorders. 

For some, it has been wondrously helpful in curing seasonal allergies and improving mood. Reishi will no doubt be a bona fide investor in your daily comfort and life-long well-being. 

Reishi, a medicinal mushroom to reduce stress and boost immunity
Shiitake, a superfood mushroom for heart health and immunity


Nicknamed the “Monarch of Mushrooms”, the Shiitake mushroom is praised as a delicacy in cuisines worldwide as it boasts a pleasantly smoky flavor and a lovely woodsy aroma. But, far more than a tasty addition to dishes, Shiitakes were being used for over 6,000 years as medicinal supplements across East Asia and Russia. 

A known cholesterol reducer, Shiitakes get right to the ‘heart’ of health by preventing harmful bacterial plaque from attaching to our artery walls. The Shiitake is one of the few cultivated foods containing vitamin D, a key nutrient in bone health, AND all 8 essential amino acids, making it an effective agent for improved bone density. In addition, Shiitake mushrooms contain a polysaccharide called Lentinan that has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and antiviral effects. This means that it not only helps destroy cancer cells, but also wards off various viruses and infections. 

Thus, while also being delicious, Shiitake rightfully earns its place in the fungal pantheon of immunity boosters. Surely one of the best things that could ever happen to your immune system, Shiitakes are packed into our RYZE coffee blend. 

King Trumpet 

Native to regions in North Africa and the Middle East, this trumpet-shaped mushroom is the largest of the oyster mushroom species and is fancied as an edible delicacy for its meaty texture and earthy flavor. Beyond taste, King Trumpet has abundant salubrious effects and curative value, and that’s why you’ll find it tucked into our Mushroom Keto Coffee. With high levels of the amino acids that are numerous in organs exposed to lots of oxidative stress (e.g. the heart and liver), King Trumpet is uniquely equipped to help protect us from free radical damage and defend against chronic disease.King Trumpet’s abundance of naturally occurring statins, the agents that reduce cholesterol produced by the liver, make it very favorable for those suffering from high cholesterol and at heightened risk for heart attack and stroke. You might also want to know this fun health fact about King Trumpet. The mushroom is a leading carrier of the antioxidant selenium, and the selenium found in its flutes are organically bound and much easier for our bodies to absorb than inorganic selenium, the variety found in many dietary supplements. Banish inflammation and boost immunity by trying this mighty fungi in our mushroom keto coffee. 

Turkey Tail, a medicinal mushroom for digestion
King Trumpet, superfood mushroom for anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor

Turkey Tail

With eye-catching stripes fanning out like a wild turkey’s feathers, the Turkey Tail mushroom is one of the most treasured and commonly studied in the medicinal mushroom roster. What can it do, you might be wondering? What can’t it do! Its list of benefits is lengthy. Here’s a start - powerful antioxidant, immunity modulator, polysaccharide-rich cognitive booster, protector of the liver, and guardian of the gut. 

While Turkey Tail boasts a plethora of health benefits, it is perhaps best known for its anti-cancer properties. It’s known for warding off tumor and virally-infected cells, and is in fact an approved anti-cancer prescription drug in Japan. Its greatest claim to fame is its ability to restore and regenerate immune cells after cancer treatments, while simultaneously boosting the immune system to prevent cancer and other infections in the first place. With the added benefit of relieving chronic fatigue symptoms, there is no doubt this mushroom is a terrific champion for your lifelong vitality. It’s even essential for your gut, patrolling and strengthening the area as an anti-microbial, keeping the bad bacteria out while promoting the good micro-organisms that call the digestive tract home. Turkey Tail is a superb addition to any immunity tonic and is the reason it found its way as the sixth and final mushroom in our coffee blend. 


Our favorite natural nootropic, coffee can be the drink we love to hate. Or love to love (if anyone is like me). Sometimes coffee gets a bad rap in the health world but what some don’t realize is that coffee is the number one way that American adults get antioxidants into their diet. 

Coffee has also been shown to decrease type II diabetes risk, improve mood and sharpen memory. Coffee is a great metabolism booster and for this reason can markedly elevate physical performance and maintain stamina. Some of the key nutrients it contains are B vitamins (B2, B3, & B5), manganese and potassium. So, no one should call coffee a slouch in the nutrition department. 

But getting down to business, coffee, especially with the help of MCT and mushrooms, is magical at helping us do more, BETTER. 

Coffee grounds in a bowl next to a cup of coffee
MCT Oil for fat burn and metabolism boost

MCT Oil 

What does MCT stand for? Medium-chain Triglycerides. Or in my speak, fatty goodness! Actually, it’s the natural oils from palm and coconut, and even some dairy. They are special, healthy types of fat called fatty acids and are super easy for our body to break down as a saturated fat. This is why they are a star of the ketogenic diet and positively affect all parts of our brain, body, and the systems that keep them running optimally. 

 As a natural metabolic fat burner, MCT oil is easily absorbed and a quick way to increase the ketone fats that help boost energy and achieve ketosis. Because of this, MCT is a superstar for weight loss and fat burn. MCT also acts as a natural anti-microbial, and is a great way to boost immunity with its ability to kill of pathogenic infections. It goes without saying that MCT, with a treasure trove of vitamin D and amino acids, will take your workouts to the next level and help you work out longer AND better. As a morning drink, our Mushroom Keto Coffee will have you whizzing through your workouts and your day. 


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