Is ‘Stuck Poop’ Making You Bloated and Constipated? Here's How I Found Out and How I Fixed It With This Ancient Food

“Try THIS Every Morning…”

“Try THIS Every Morning…”

For months, every morning felt like a battle. I’d wake up feeling heavy, bloated, and honestly, just gross.

The mirror showed me a puffy reflection I barely recognized, and my gut seemed to be in a constant state of rebellion. Even when I ate a bowl of white rice, I couldn't escape the discomfort I felt after. And my bowel movements became rare occasions worthy of celebration.

And if the bloating and constipation weren't enough, I was constantly tired, moody, and unfocused. I tried to shrug it off, joking about my food baby and hoping it'd soon go away, but slowly, it started to affect my self-esteem and happiness.

I tried the usual solutions, such as taking laxatives and probiotics or eating more fiber-rich foods. But each new remedy brought nothing but disappointment.

The laxatives were too harsh, leaving me feeling drained and dehydrated, while probiotics and fiber made me even more bloated and gassy than before. My diet was cleaner than it had ever been, and yet, I felt worse. It was like my body was holding onto something it just wouldn’t let go of.

I was at my wit's end, scrolling through the tenth page of Google's page results late one night, looking for anything I might have missed when suddenly, I came across something that raised my eyebrows.

It was an old discussion in an obscure health forum where a group of people mentioned struggling with the same symptoms I had been experiencing. It felt great to know that I wasn't alone in my struggle. 

"If there are other people struggling like me, someone might know what's behind all this pain," I thought.

It turned out the cause was much more surprising than I had expected.

The Little-Known Gut Disorder Making Americans' Life Miserable

The Little-Known Gut Disorder Making Americans' Life Miserable

After reading dozens of replies, nobody seemed to know what could explain my gut's issues. But right before I clicked away from the forum, a long reply caught my eye.

In this post, a user who worked as a naturopathic practitioner explained that the cause of my eternal constipation and bloating was due to something informally known as "stuck poop."

It sounded ridiculous and almost laughable, but it all made sense as I read her explanation.

According to this woman, when your gut takes too long to move your “solid waste” out of your system, it gets stuck. As a result, the food ends up rotting in your gut, which causes gas and the uncomfortable bloating I was too familiar with.

What's more, your body fails to absorb nutrients or process foods efficiently, which causes fatigue and mental fog, which I have also experienced.

Digging deeper, I discovered that nearly 15% of Americans might be suffering from stuck poop. Sadly, most people aren't aware of this disorder, which is why the symptoms I experienced are so common these days, and so few people know how to fix it.

Busy schedules, processed foods, and lack of exercise can all cause these digestive jams. But, according to this woman, the greatest culprit behind it all was stress.

When stressed, our body hits the 'fight or flight' mode, prioritizing survival functions and sidelining others, like digestion. Stress hormones, mainly cortisol and adrenaline, slow the digestive process as the body reroutes blood flow to organs deemed more crucial for immediate response. 

This slowdown means food moves through the digestive tract more sluggishly, leading to that feeling of stuck poop. This is why neither fiber nor laxatives had worked for me: I needed to cleanse my body of cortisol and adrenaline before I could cleanse my gut.

Learning that I had stuck poop sparked a glimmer of hope that perhaps there was a way out of this miserable cycle. It gave me a weird mix of relief and determination.

On the one hand, I could finally pinpoint what was behind these awful symptoms that I had been suffering for so long. On the other, I knew that without targeting these core issues, my gut would have a hard time going back to normal. I just needed to find a way to fix them—one that didn't require taking expensive medications or trying esoteric diets.

Little did I know, the answer I was searching for wouldn’t come from the pharmacy aisle but from an ancient food source revered by cultures thousands of years old.

The Ancient Food That Restores and Relieves Your Body From the Inside Out

The Ancient Food That Restores and Relieves Your Body From the Inside Out

After learning about the cause of my endless discomfort, I started obsessing over potential solutions. I already knew that laxatives, probiotics, and fiber didn't help me.

So, I kept digging, this time looking for answers outside the box. I found many people recommending supplements like peppermint oil, fennel seeds, and dandelion tea.

However, after some research, I saw that all of these products can provoke allergic reactions, reflux, and water retention. They can even interact with many different medications that cause a cascade of side effects.

But then, I stumbled upon something I'd never considered before: adaptogenic mushrooms.

At first, the idea of turning to mushrooms for digestive health seemed a bit out there. But the more I researched, the more I realized how powerful they truly are.

Adaptogenic mushrooms have been used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine due to their restorative properties. They are like nature's moderators, stepping in to help your system manage stress, fight off fatigue, and aid in digestion.

Most adaptogenic mushrooms are rich in antioxidants that nurture and balance the good bacteria living in your gut. It's like they gently guide your body back to a state where everything functions as it should, without the side effects or downsides of over-the-counter medications.

This idea of using something natural and holistic to address my issues felt right. After all, my body was already dealing with enough problems, so it made sense to treat it with care.

So When I Found This Mushroom Coffee, My Eyes Widened

So When I Found This Mushroom Coffee, My Eyes Widened

As I started my journey to find a holistic solution to my digestive issues, I came across a brand that people were raving about: RYZE Mushroom Coffee.

After some research, I realized this was the product I needed. Here's why:

First, RYZE is a Boston-based company founded by a small team of entrepreneurs trying to make a difference in our soil. I love supporting small American businesses, so this resonated with me.

Then, I learned they grow their own organic mushrooms in California, ensuring their mushrooms are free of GMOs or pesticides. Most other brands I found use adaptogenic mushrooms grown in China, where 85% of the world's production hails from and where growers infuse them with all sorts of chemicals and heavy metals.

What's more, the coffee is made with 100% organic arabica beans, free from additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Additionally, they test their ingredients for mycotoxins and other toxic compounds to ensure each cup is as clean and pure as possible.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee is also dairy, gluten, and sugar-free, which was important to me as I was trying to avoid anything that could exacerbate my digestive issues.

As a bonus, I discovered that each cup of RYZE has only 48 mg of caffeine—less than half the amount of regular coffee—which is good news as the excess caffeine can irritate and dehydrate the gut, making constipation worse.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee includes six of the most potent and proven adaptogenic mushrooms, each of which contributes in its own special way to relieving our gut:

  • Turkey Tail is full of natural antimicrobials that protect your gut from toxins.

  • Shiitake promotes metabolic health and immunity.

  • Reishi relieves stress and improves mood.

  • Lion's Mane supports brain health and mental focus.

  • Cordyceps helps increase stamina and energy levels.

  • King Trumpet is rich in antioxidants and amino acids that boost your immunity.

Each cup of the product comes with 2000mg of these six amazing mushrooms, four times the recommended minimum dosage for experiencing positive effects in your life. This was perhaps what most shocked me and got me the most excited.

After learning about RYZE, I realized they offered a simple, daily beverage combining the ancient wisdom of adaptogenic mushrooms with the modern love for coffee. It sounded like a practical and enjoyable solution that I could easily add to my morning routine, so I decided to give it a try.

How I Freed My Gut and Reclaimed My Body with RYZE Mushroom Coffee

How I Freed My Gut And Reclaimed My Body With RYZE Mushroom Coffee

After incorporating RYZE Mushroom Coffee into my daily routine, the changes I experienced were nothing short of amazing.

Within a few weeks of drinking a cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee with my breakfast, I was able to go to the bathroom every day. And my bowel movements became normal once again—and without any pain or difficulty whatsoever.

My body started to feel lighter, and my gut felt less like an overstuffed cushion. The gassiness that often made me self-conscious eased, which meant that I could finally spend time with others without worrying about embarrassing myself.

Clearing up my digestive issues had a domino effect as it improved almost every aspect of my health.

The mental fog that used to cover my days lifted, allowing me to get my work done without dragging myself through it.

Better yet, my mood improved alongside my physical well-being. The irritability and mood swings that often accompanied my digestive discomfort started to fade away. 

I felt less stressed, more patient, and generally more upbeat, something that my family and colleagues noticed immediately, confirming the power of RYZE's mushroom coffee.

I was also surprised to see that RYZE provided a steadier, more sustained sense of alertness, unlike the sharp jolt and subsequent crash I got from regular coffee. Nowadays, I can make it through the day without that mid-afternoon slump I had come to dread, and it feels great.

Adding all of the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms into my life was much easier than I had expected. Instead of buying the raw mushrooms and cleaning, preparing, and cooking them daily, RYZE made it as simple and easy as possible.

You just add a scoop of RYZE Mushroom Coffee to a cup with hot water, stir it for 30 seconds, and you're done. It's truly the perfect addition to anyone's busy mornings or drowsy afternoons.

And the taste? Oh my god, it's incredible. It has a rich, velvety zest with none of the earthiness some people complained about other mushroom-infused drinks.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee fit seamlessly into my life, replacing my regular coffee without making me feel like I had to sacrifice the little pleasures of life. It feels good to know I'm doing something beneficial for my body using a natural, organic product that doesn't rely on quick fixes or harsh chemicals.

Here's How RYZE Mushroom Coffee Can Help You Heal Your Gut

Here's How RYZE Mushroom Coffee Can Help You Heal Your Gut

RYZE Mushroom Coffee offers a unique blend of benefits that cater to both physical and mental well-being:

  • Improves Digestion: The adaptogenic mushrooms in RYZE work together to support the digestive system, helping to break down food more efficiently and absorb nutrients better. This means smoother digestion and less discomfort after meals.

  • Relieves Constipation: By enhancing gut health and encouraging regular bowel movements, RYZE can help alleviate constipation. The natural ingredients promote a healthier digestive tract, making it easier to stay regular.

  • Stops Bloating and Gas: The anti-inflammatory properties of the mushrooms in RYZE calm the digestive tract and ease inflammation, which reduces the uncomfortable bloating and gas build-up in your gut.

  • Enhances the Immune System: The antioxidants and vitamins found in the six adaptogenic mushrooms boost the immune system, providing better defense against illnesses and infections.

  • Calms the Body and Mind: The adaptogens found in RYZE, especially in Reishi, allow your body to handle stress more effectively, reducing the amount of cortisol and adrenaline going through your body.

  • Increases Energy: Unlike regular coffee, which might give you a quick caffeine spike followed by a crash, RYZE offers a more balanced, sustained energy boost. This is thanks to the natural properties of adaptogenic mushrooms, particularly Cordyceps, which improve stamina and vitality.

  • Boosts Mental Focus: RYZE is great for the body and mind. Ingredients like Lion's Mane mushroom are known for their cognitive benefits, helping to enhance mental clarity, focus, and overall brain health.

I'm happy to report that I no longer suffer from that loud and sometimes painful gas thing that was happening. At first the symptoms would come and go and I wasn't sure if Rize was actually working for me, so waited awhile before commenting. I can now say for sure that the gas is completely gone. I love my Rize so much that I sometimes have 2 cups per day.

- David Nailah S.

When I saw the ads for Ryze, of course I was skeptical. But after trying the mushroom coffee for two weeks, I noticed that my allergies became less severe over time and my bloating and gas went away. My digestion is much better now. When I eat food, my gut is no longer sensitive and finicky. It actually worked. I think my inflammation is really down with Ryze.

- Tiffany Y.

I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 41. I was drinking 8-10 cups of black coffee a day. I needed a change. I switched to Ryze and for three months have noticed a significant decrease in my inflammation and swelling. Great focus throughout my day. And I kicked my awful jittery caffeine habit with absolutely no crash! I love Ryze!
-  Mike B.

This coffee is a keeper!!!! It's amazing taste and how it makes you feel is awesome I have so much energy and coming from being constipated sometimes to having regular bowel movements!! It's helped me so much and bloating feeling is gone!!!! Thank you!!!
- Tressie B.

When I made my first cup, I was like OMG!!!!! this is amazing. Now, that I have implemented a newly found product in my life, I am going to stick with this. I gives me the clarity that I need, the regulation of my bowels and most of all, energy that I need. Thank you to the founders that discovered a way to clear our minds and focus more effectively and not having to drink coffee throughout the day for energy. GREAT PRODUCT!!!

- Jeneva D.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?

The day I decided to try RYZE Mushroom Coffee, I got it at its regular price of $36 for a bag. It seemed a great deal considering the amount of adaptogenic mushrooms each cup brings and the benefits it promises.

And since they're produced organically here in the US, it made me feel like I was helping a local company transform the lives of other Americans like me. Now that I have regained my bowel movements and vitality, their price seems like a true no-brainer.

So you can imagine how excited I am right now to tell you that, as of this writing, RYZE is running a special deal.

For a limited time, you can get a bag at a 25% discount, reducing the price to just $27 per bag—or $0.90 per serving

The company will likely keep this price as long as its current batch lasts. However, you may miss out if you don't get lucky like I originally did. That's why I'd recommend you try your first bag today.

If you're like me, drinking a cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee will become your morning staple, the kind that you look forward to the night before. And as the days turn into weeks, the bloating and constipation will start to fade.

You'll feel the energy coming back to you, the mental clarity to work on your job without having to drag yourself to every corner, the mood that you once had but lost…all of this for less than a dollar a cup.

And thanks to their 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee, you can order and rest assured that you can get your money back if you don't like the product.

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee Worth It?

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee Worth It?

Having seen the quick and noticeable effects RYZE Mushroom Coffee had cleaning all my stuck poop, I can safely say that it's 100% worth trying.

RYZE is the ideal choice for anyone wrestling with not just bloating and constipation but also moodiness, low energy, and mental fog.

It's not just about dodging the discomfort of bloating or the inconvenience of irregular bowel movements. It's about enhancing your overall quality of life so you can have the confidence to live freely without worrying about when the next bout of discomfort will strike.

Do you want to continue avoiding the foods you love with your loved ones due to the fear of what might happen next? Do you want to continue praying for the next bathroom visit? And do you want to continue feeling like you've got the energy and vitality of someone 20 years older?

Or do you want to see your life filled with the joy of spontaneous meals out, vibrant energy from dawn till dusk, and the unshakable confidence that comes from feeling your best?

I chose to try RYZE Mushroom Coffee because I refused to let my bloating and constipation dictate the rhythm of my life any longer. And the outcome? A new life full of energy, peace of mind, and vitality.

Why not make that choice today? With their 30-day money-back guarantee, I’d say it’s worth a shot. Your future self might just thank you.

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