Believe us when we say it! Functional mushrooms are some of the greatest untapped natural foods around. Too often, mushrooms have gotten a bad rap in North America, either as the hallucinogenic 'shrooms or the "not-a-fruit but not-a-vegetable" with a slightly weird taste and texture. 

We’re talking about something entirely different, though. We’re talking about the ones that (while not necessarily edible) offer immense health benefits and are often consumed in elixirs and powder blends. This medicinal variety of mushrooms have been beloved elsewhere on the planet and in eastern traditional medicine for thousands of years. It’s time we learn a little more about them, and see how easily they can be incorporated into our wellness routines.

Let’s break down why these mushrooms are starting to gain more attention in the west and why people are so excited to add them into everything from coffee to morning smoothies and pre-workout shakes to no-bake goods. 

Here are 5 reasons for why you should consider adding them into your daily routine: 

1. No More 

Common Colds

Woman holding a thermometer

Tired of getting seasonal colds? Body aches and sore throats setting in at all the worst times? Supplementing with functional mushrooms will be your friend. Many people are starting to use them to help ward off the common cold as well as boost their immune systems. 

Why? Because mushrooms contain molecules called beta-glucans that support and protect the immune system. This allows your immune system to get ahead of the game and ward off sickness before it takes root. Sounds badass, doesn’t it?!

2. Improved Concentration & Mental Clarity

Woman concentrating at work desk

Even when we’re doing all the right things, sometimes we still want and need to kick it into another gear of focus. Without chugging cups of coffee and getting anxious jitters, preferably. That’s where functional mushrooms come in. Some of the most commonly reported advantages of mushrooms is that they increase mental energy and promote outstanding mental clarity. Specifically one mushroom, Lion's Mane, is known for this. This legend is vital in stimulating NGF (nerve growth factor) and, more generally, in supporting nervous system health. 


More Energy

Young woman exercising outside with arms wide open

Who wouldn’t want more energy!? Not to be confused with the Cordyceps sinensis, the zombie fungus that takes over insects’ brains, Cordyceps militaris is a functional mushroom that has been used by everyone from bodybuilders and ultra-athletes/marathoners to more casual gym rats, to boost stamina and endurance during exercise. It works by raising your maximum oxygen intake. This increases natural energy levels by enabling more oxygen to get through to your cells. No more skipping workouts because "we're just not feeling it"!


Better Sleep

Young woman sleeping in bed

One of the hardest health routines to achieve: adequate sleep. It's something that matters just not for its quantity but also its quality. Beyond practicing an enviable bedtime routine (look here for some tips), you can get some help from mushrooms too, especially Reishi and Chaga. They both help bring on the zzz’s like a boss. Including these mushrooms in your nightly routine is a simple yet powerful way to get a quality night's sleep that has you waking up refreshed and ready to take on the next day.

5. Banish 

Stress & Anxiety

Person lying in hammock looking out at the forest

This is one of our favorite benefits of functional mushrooms, since stress is a silent killer that can easily seep into every part of our lives. Functional mushrooms are adaptogens, which work to promote equilibrium in our body and strengthen our capacity to adapt to stress. Hence the name. 

Adaptogens operate in not too different a way than exercise does to positively affect our bodies and minds. They work to fortify our stress response and train it to be better prepared against warding off the effects of anxiety and external stressors.

Most importantly, functional mushrooms help us feel AMAZING, every single day. If you’re already feeling like a beast - never tired, feel like your mind is in tune at all the right moments - then maybe these aren’t for you. But seriously, who feels all of those things! We sure don’t. So get a little help from these fungal legends and easily add them into your daily routine, like in a delicious cup of mushroom coffee

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