6 Benefits of Mushroom Coffee & Why You Need To Try It

You may already be on the “how do I cut back on coffee” train, so that begs the question, “have you tried mushroom coffee?” You may find that it sounds strange, a combination of mushrooms and coffee, but to the surprise of many, mushroom coffee is actually one of the hottest drinks around these days and its popularity is only growing. 

Mushroom coffee is becoming highly sought after for many reasons: 1) it gives you the plus sides of coffee but without the downsides, 2) mushrooms boost immunity due to being rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins, and amino acids, 3) mushrooms have been studied and proven to improve brain health and stimulate neuron growth, 4) mushrooms increase oxygenation and enhance performance and stamina during exercise. 

Since it’s new, let’s clear some things up and put any misconceptions to bed. Mushroom coffee does not use your traditional culinary, stir-fry variety mushrooms. Instead, it contains medicinal mushrooms. No, these are not magic or psychedelic and will not make you trip. And yes, they are 100% legal. None of the functional mushrooms in mushroom coffee are on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list and they are completely legal worldwide.

On top of that, medicinal mushrooms have been used for over 5000 years so it is very unlikely that they will ever become illegal. Why have they been around for so long? Because, historically medicinal mushrooms have been used as healers in eastern medicine for thousands of years. More recently, they’ve been studied for their major health benefits and are now starting to find a place in alternative medicine and holistic wellness circles worldwide due to their outstanding health value. 

Benefits including improved immune function and neuron growth stimulation suggest that some of these medicinal mushrooms (especially

 Lion’s Mane and Reishi) may help combat serious neurodegenerative problems such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease as well. Very promising findings indeed. 

If you're interested in taking your cup of joe to another level of “good-for-you”, you just might want to try mushroom coffee. And don't worry, it doesn’t taste that weird! In fact, many prefer the taste to normal coffee.

So, What is Mushroom Coffee Really?

I know what you're probably imagining: a hot cup of coffee ruined by some random floating mushrooms. Think again! 

One of the most frequent doubts people have is if mushroom powder extracts can mix with coffee seamlessly. The truth is that a well-blended mixture is achieved by isolating, pulverizing, and drying the key components of the medicinal mushrooms; this powder is later processed with the coffee and is ready to be consumed. Best thing of all? These extract powders contain a more concentrated level of the mushrooms, which means more health benefits for YOU.

At RYZE, we take great care to make our mushroom powder extract completely soluble so it dissolves in water completely and leaves little to no residue. No easy feat by the way! This high solubility makes our mushroom coffee extremely easy to prepare: in 8-12 oz. of hot water, add a scoop of our mushroom coffee powder and stir. That’s it. Ready to drink and enjoy. Below, you can find preparation ideas from RYZE customers for how they like to enhance their cup of mushroom coffee. 

There are a huge variety of medicinal mushrooms that battle disease. Some of the most common medicinal mushrooms used in mushroom coffee include:

- Cordyceps 

- Chaga 

- Lion's Mane 

- Turkey Tail 

- Reishi 

- Shiitake 

- King Trumpet (rare in most mushroom coffees but found in RYZE)

Mushroom Coffee vs. Regular Coffee

Obviously, the biggest difference between regular coffee and mushroom coffee is that mushroom coffee contains...you guessed it, MUSHROOMS. When you drink mushroom coffee, you get all the benefits of drinking coffee plus the benefits of the mushrooms. 

While regular coffee can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and insomnia because of all the caffeine, it is said that the addition of mushrooms results in a more balanced cup of coffee.While a regular cup of coffee may leave some people feeling nervous and awake when they want to count sheep, mushroom coffee drinkers say that it is not as likely to lead to jittery and unsettled mood, anxiety and insomnia. 

One of the biggest complaints of coffee drinkers and a huge reason why many people quit coffee all together is the acidity of coffee on the gut and how this can lead to an unsettled stomach and poor digestion. Mushroom coffee solves this problem; with less caffeine and antimicrobial mushrooms to balance the gut, a cup of mushroom coffee won’t leave you feeling like your stomach is ready to explode. 

Oftentimes, mushroom coffee is lower in caffeine and less acidic than regular coffee. Unfortunately, many mushroom coffee brands have a difficult time sticking to this because the flavor profile of mushrooms that they end up masking this with more ground coffee, and not solving the original issue of too much caffeine. However, at RYZE, we have achieved a blend that has less than ½ the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee.

While regular coffee can often give a jittery feeling that brings on a crash a few hours later, mushroom coffee delivers much more settled and steady focus and energy, no jitters and no crash. 

The mushrooms in our coffee have been studied to increase athletic performance as well so get ready to take your workouts to the next level. While some people (aka us) used to take shots of espresso or other unhealthy energy drinks to get that extra energy jolt before a workout, there’s no need to when you drink mushroom coffee. You’ll have that *natural* energy reserve that increases oxygen and boosts energy completely naturally. Personally, it’s transformed our energy levels and overall fitness levels. 

Does mushroom coffee taste good? - The truth is, it does not taste exactly like a cup of black coffee nor should it! There are mushrooms in there. However, so many of our customers have gotten back to us saying that they love the flavor and texture and that they don’t think that it tastes like mushrooms at all. They even say that the mushrooms add a similar taste to coffee, rich and earthy. Of course, taste is personal but there are many ways to enhance the drink, for example alternative or non dairy milks and creamers, cinnamon, honey, stevia, and more. Below, you can find some recipes from our customers who’ve been mixing and experimenting. 

6 Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

1. Anti-cancer

Some components of fungi have been shown to stimulate the immune system in such a way that they can exert anti-tumor and anti-cancer activity. One study looked at a type of fungus that is commonly used in mushroom coffee (even in the 1940s). It is called the chaga mushroom. Researchers found that ergosterol peroxide, a derivative of the chaga mushroom, exhibited impressive anti-cancer activities in human colorectal cancer cell lines. 

The study concludes that the data demonstrates how ergosterol peroxide from the chaga mushroom can suppress the proliferation of human colorectal cancer cell lines, and also successfully inhibited colitis-related colon cancer in animals. 

Overall, the researchers concluded, "These properties of ergosterol peroxide promote its use as a supplement in colon cancer chemoprevention. Cancer chemoprevention is the use of substances to stop the development of cancer, making mushroom coffee a cancer-fighting food.

2. Loaded with antioxidants

One of the main benefits of coffee is its antioxidant content. Scientific research has shown that the average cup of coffee can be even higher in disease-fighting and anti-aging antioxidants than cocoa, green tea, black tea and herbal tea. 

Most of the health benefits of coffee can be traced back to this high level of antioxidants. Mushrooms also contain significant levels of antioxidants, especially glutathione and ergotionein. 

Coffee and mushrooms together are an antioxidant powerhouse. Therefore, mushroom coffee actually contains a literal double whammy of antioxidants in a single cup, but why is it so good for your health? Decades of scientific research have shown that the more antioxidant-rich foods you get in your diet, the more you can protect yourself from all kinds of harmful diseases and health problems. 

3. Reduces oxidative stress

One of the main reasons why the antioxidants found in coffee beans and mushrooms are so beneficial to health is that they provide defense against the free radicals we are exposed to in our daily lives (one example would be harmful particles in air pollution). Free radicals cause oxidative stress in humans, which can then cause cellular damage to our bodies.  

Oxidative stress is believed to be an important factor behind many serious and chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and some eye diseases as well. 

Increasing daily intake of antioxidants is one way to reduce oxidative stress in the body, which in turn can help prevent and heal many diseases. 

4. Improves liver health

You can find variations in the types of mushrooms that are included in a mushroom coffee. One type you'll probably see included often is the reishi mushroom. Reishi is rich in adaptogens that can help improve liver function and prevent liver disease by stimulating waste and the elimination of toxins from the body more efficiently. 

One study found that reishi induces hepatoprotective effects in acute liver injury because it contains antioxidant properties and fights harmful immune responses that delay liver function. 

Of course, you can find Reishi in our RYZE Mushroom Coffee.  

5. Helps digestive and diabetic health

Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides, specifically the bioactive ones called beta-glucans or homopolysaccharides. These special polysaccharides act as prebiotics in the digestive system that directly help improve digestive health in several ways. 

These beta-glucans have also been shown in animal studies to lower body weight, glucose levels, cholesterol and triglycerides in diabetic mice. Beta-glucans also appeared to have a very positive biochemical effect on insulin receptors that equated to improved insulin sensitivity. 

6. Nervous-free energy

Since most of the mushroom coffees on the market today use a blend of ground coffee, and medicinal mushroom powder extracts, when you switch to the mushroom coffee in regular coffee, you should get less caffeine per cup than in normal coffee. With RYZE, you get less than ½ the caffeine than a normal cup of joe.. Of course, check the packaging of a product for specific information, but with the addition of more mushrooms, the amount of caffeine per serving will naturally decrease. Win win. 

Because caffeine in moderation can improve focus, but in excess can cause jitters, elevated anxiety, and a subsequent crash, adding in stress-regulating adaptogenic mushroom extracts, mitigates the energy spikes and leaves a jitter-free no crash feeling of awesome steady focus and energy.

History & Background of Mushroom Coffee

Actually, there's a very interesting story for mushroom coffee. During World War II, some of the most common things we know and love today were hard to come by. 

I'm talking about items like coffee. There have been some very interesting alternatives to coffee that people have found over the years, including things like roasted barley and chaga mushrooms. That's right: in Finland in the 1940s, people were using the chaga mushroom (native to the woods of Finland) as a substitute for coffee in times of war. 

Generations ago, people were experimenting and using chaga as a coffee substitute. Over time, mushroom coffee emerged as a great alternative given the sparse availability of coffee. Nowadays, mushroom coffee is popular not because of a shortage, but because we want more value out of everything we put in our bodies. Mushroom Coffee is the perfect answer.

Mushroom Coffee Precautions

Most suppliers of mushroom coffee recommend a maximum of two servings of mushroom coffee per day. Although mushroom coffee usually has less caffeine than regular coffee, you still don't want to risk an overdose of caffeine. 

For anyone with a known autoimmune disease (for example, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis), some doctors warn that medicinal mushrooms can sometimes exacerbate the problem. 

Because they stimulate the immune system, it is possible that medicinal mushrooms can interfere with drugs for these diseases or over-activate certain immune cells. The same warning applies to anyone with a known bleeding or blood clotting disorder. Medicinal mushrooms can sometimes interfere with proper blood clotting. 

The possible side effects and interactions of coffee with mushrooms may depend on the type of mushroom used, so I suggest you check the specific side effects of the mushroom(s) in the coffee with mushrooms you prefer. 

If you have any ongoing health problems or are taking any medications, definitely check with your doctor before drinking mushroom coffee or mushroom tea. It is also possible to have an allergy to mushrooms. If you are allergic or intolerant to mushrooms, you should not consume medicinal mushroom or mushroom coffee.

Final Thoughts on Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee offers another amazing option in the world of hot drinks, especially for coffee lovers who are looking for more health benefits and/or a coffee option that makes them feel less nervous but still has a lot of flavor. 

Not only do people enjoy the taste of coffee with medicinal mushrooms, but many drinkers claim to feel the health benefits, including better mood and increased energy. One of the most common benefits you hear from mushroom coffee drinkers is having energy and concentration, but not feeling shaky. We’re all here for it. 

Go ahead and check out RYZE mushroom coffee, 6 mushrooms, MCT for fat burn and energy fuel, and ground Arabica coffee. We hope that this healthy enhancement on your regular cup of joe will leave you never looking back, and falling in love with your new morning ritual. No jitters, no crash. That’s the kind of way we like to start our days.

Latte & Smoothie Recipes from RYZE-ers

1. Quick & Easy Mushroom Coffee 

thanks to Jessica V. (@livelife_ontheveg)

1 scoop of RYZE mushroom coffee powder to hot water.Add collagen, Almond milk, and cinnamon 

2. Cinnamon Coffee Blend 

thanks to Alexis P. (@thehealthyavo)

½ cup of water 

1 cup of almond milk 

1 scoop of RYZE mushroom coffee powder 

Add in ½ a date lots of cinnamoncollagen powder 

Blend for a few seconds and pour. Top with extra cinnamon. 

3. Salted Caramel Coffee 

thanks to Holland S. (@hollsysmith126)

1.5 cups cold RYZE mushroom coffee powder 

4 dates 

1 tbsp tahini 

1 tsp maca powder 

1 tsp mesquite powder 

Pinch of pink salt 

 Sweetener of choice (caramel syrup) 

4. Cinnamon Dolce Latte 

thanks to Lindsay F. (@wellnesswithlinds)

1 cup of RYZE mushroom coffee powder 

¼ cup condensed milk 

 ¼ cup almond milk 

tsp natural maple syrup 

1 tsp cinnamon 

1 scoop of collagen 

1 tsp vanilla 

Make a cup of mushroom coffee first. Blend all the other ingredients in a blender then pour over coffee and enjoy! 

5. Peanut Butter Latte 

thanks to Lindsay F. (@wellnesswithlinds)

Add 1 cup of RYZE mushroom coffee powder to a blender

⅓ cup of nut milk 

1 tbsp of peanut butter powder or real peanut butter 

1 scoop of collagen 

A little maple syrup for sweetener 

Pour over ice if desired 

6. Cherry Coffee Smoothie

thanks to Natalie G. (@eatclean_withnat)

Add a ton of frozen cherries, mixed berries, almond milk to blender

1 scoop of RYZE mushroom coffee powder

Blend on high and pour into a glass. Top with coconut flakes! 

7. Chocolate Banana Coffee Smoothie

thanks to Jessica O. (@blendingoverbackwards)

1 cup plant-based milk 

1 frozen banana 

1 scoop chocolate protein powder 

1 scoop RYZE mushroom coffee powder 

1 scoop collagen 

1 tbsp almond butter 

½ tsp maca powder 

¼ tsp lucuma powder 

A drizzle of honey and pinch of Himalayan pink salt 

Blend together on high. Transfer to glass and enjoy!

Try out some recipes for yourself with this amazingly healthy and delicious mushroom coffee with MCT.  

RYZE Mushroom Coffee

Ingredients: ORGANIC RYZE Mushroom Blend (Cordyceps, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, King Trumpet, Turkey Tail), Spray-Dried Arabica Coffee, MCT Oil Powder 

Vegan | 100% Natural | Keto-friendly | Non-GMO 

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