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Your Morning Cup of Joe is Hurting Your Gut. Here Are 8 Science-Backed Ways RYZE Mushroom Coffee Heals It

The only thing “magic” about the mushrooms in this coffee blend is the magic they’ll work on your gut…and beyond.

1. It Reduces Gut Inflammation

When the gut becomes inflamed, the entire body is affected. From compromised food digestion, to less-than-optimal nutrient absorption, to decreased energy levels and mood, gut inflammation is no laughing matter.

But while your regular morning coffee might be fixing the low energy part of the equation (for a few hours), it’s worsening every other symptom.

RYZE is a powerful ally in the fight against gut inflammation. It includes heavy-hitting adaptogenic mushrooms like Reishi and Shiitake, your own gut health specialists. They contain bioactive compounds that provide potent anti-inflammatory effects, easing discomfort and digestive issues.

To sweeten the deal, RYZE’s powerful blend also includes Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms which are known to combat inflammation in the gut. All together, Ryze’s powerful blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients means a more soothed gut…from the very first sip.

2. It Neutralizes Stomach Acidity

Ever had a “sour stomach” or tummy ache after too much coffee? That’s due to traditional coffee’s off-the-charts acidity levels.

Unlike regular coffee, which can be acidic and potentially aggravate digestive problems, RYZE is formulated to be gentler on the stomach. This quality reduces the risk of stomach discomfort and conditions such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

One of the key contributors to RYZE's ability to reduce stomach acidity is the inclusion of King Trumpet mushrooms.

A recent study found that these mushrooms increased the production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids in the gut, which helps to balance out foreign acids, like those consumed when drinking coffee.

3. It Protects Gut Cells From Damage

The antioxidant properties of RYZE’s mushroom blend play a crucial role in protecting the stomach from damage by defending it from “free radicals.”

These harmful molecules can cause oxidative stress and damage cells in the stomach lining. By neutralizing free radicals, Cordyceps helps to maintain the health of stomach cells, thereby reducing the risk of future damage and the inflammation that arises from it.

Meanwhile, the overall “immunity elixir” King Trumpet protects against gut damage by boosting the body’s ability to fight bacteria and illness that might otherwise find its way into the gut.

That means that by extension, Ryze also reduces the risk of "leaky gut,” a condition arising when the stomach lining becomes damaged and compromised.

4. It Helps Your Body Metabolize Food

If your gut health is compromised, your body isn’t able to properly metabolize the food you eat. This leads to lower energy, nutrient deficiencies, and poorer sleep, among a host of other problems.

While coffee is often credited with the ability to “speed up” the metabolism, it does not help the body metabolize food efficiently.

RYZE’s blend of medicinal mushrooms enhances the holistic well-being of your gut, allowing it to properly devote time and energy to effectively metabolize food intake.

Furthermore, RYZE targets the metabolism directly with Cordyceps, known to contribute to improved energy metabolism. Shiitake, which is chock full of vitamin B, also helps the metabolism by naturally upping energy levels.

5. It Blooms Healthy Gut Flora

We all know that bad bacteria can inflame our gut, but that doesn’t mean all bacteria is bad. In order to ensure a balanced gut, it is essential to nourish the beneficial bacteria - and we do that with prebiotics.

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that serve as food for beneficial gut bacteria, promoting their growth and activity.

The fiber and polysaccharides present in Lion's Mane and Reishi act as prebiotics, resisting digestion in the upper G.I. tract. When they reach the colon intact, they serve as a source of nourishing fuel for the beneficial gut bacteria.

It’s clear that balanced and diverse gut bacteria are a must-have for digestive health, nutrient absorption, immune function, and overall well-being.

6. It May Reduce Stress

All of RYZE’s mushrooms are powerful adaptogens, natural substances which help the body cope with various stressors, promoting overall well-being and balance. In layman’s terms, they exert a steadying effect, both physically and mentally.

So, what does that have to do with the gut?

Have you ever been so anxious that you gave yourself an upset stomach?

The effects of stress manifest in numerous ways on the body, spanning from elevated blood pressure to irritability, and even escalating to full-blown panic attacks.

But it can also create a wealth of issues within the gut, from increased acidity to the formation of ulcers.

Adaptogens like RYZE’s Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps mushrooms keep stress’s effects on your body in check, preventing them from reaching your gut, and as a result stopping the stress-to-stomach domino effect before it begins.

7. It Aids In Healthy Bowel Movements

A lot of us rely on coffee to help us “go” in the morning, but running to the bathroom after every cup of coffee isn’t actually healthy.

The truth is, the abundance of caffeine in a regular cup of joe disrupts your bodily rhythms, causing irregular stimulation that can irritate your gut.. In the long term, this can mess up your body’s natural bowel movements, and prevent your body from capitalizing on nutrients you consume. Fortunately, RYZE promotes healthy bowel movements with the help of Cordyceps.

Cordyceps has been traditionally used for centuries to support healthy digestion and regulate bowel movements. It helps encourage balanced gut motility, ensuring that food moves through the digestive system at an appropriate pace for optimal digestion and elimination so you can “go” when you are ready.

8. It Even Helps Your Skin

Skin? Weren’t we talking about the gut?

The two are linked more closely than you might think.

Remember when you were a teenager and your mom told you that avoiding pizza and fries might help your acne? Well, she wasn’t too far off.

When our gut flora is off, it can often manifest in the condition of our skin. When we eat too many greasy foods, like fast food, this often results in issues like acne or oily skin.

Stress can also have a powerful effect on our skin - luckily, RYZE’s adaptogens are there to help your body cope. Reishi has been used throughout history for its powerful stress-relieving properties, and Lion’s Mane has been known to help alleviate anxiety as well.

By nourishing your gut with RYZE’s adaptogenic blend of mushrooms, you’re helping your skin reach its glow state.

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