7 Ways RYZE Fights Skin Problems, Stomach Pain, Hormone Imbalances & MORE

Could one delicious beverage really improve multiple health concerns? Our 38,940 5-star reviews claim that it’s true…

1. RYZE’s Adaptogens Help Balance Hormones

You might think you have a random assortment of problems…

But if you suffer from things like:

  • Acne

  • Poor metabolism

  • Excessive sweating

  • Infertility

  • Excess hair growth

  • Hair loss

  • Low libido

The root of all those symptoms could be one thing: HORMONES! That’s right, imbalanced hormones can cause all manner of problems, and it’s NOT just for women!

The good news? Adaptogenic mushrooms can help balance your hormones. RYZE’s high-quality ingredients can actually re-teach your Endocrine System to make the right hormones, in the correct amounts.

But it’s crucial that the adaptogens are potent and high quality. That’s why RYZE uses 100% organic ingredients. The healing mushrooms are California-grown and include the most nutrient-rich parts of the mushrooms: their fruiting bodies.

Lion’s Mane may promote the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factors). This brain chemical influences hypothalamic hormones, which is important since your hypothalamus is like the control center of your brain. This control center brings balance to your thyroid, adrenals, reproductive organs, and more.

Reishi can also assist with regulating estrogen production, which restores harmony in the body. In addition, since it can relieve stress and promote peaceful sleep, the simple fact that you’re sleeping better can naturally improve hormone balances.

Not only is RYZE a delicious, creamy beverage, it’s also a hormone-balancing powerhouse!

2. Got Acne or Joint Pain? RYZE Diminishes Inflammation

It’s becoming mainstream knowledge that many health conditions are rooted in inflammation. RYZE fights inflammation, oxidative stress, and mental stress with powerful adaptogenic mushrooms.

Lion’s Mane actively combats inflammation and effectively reduces oxidative stress. Not only does it help nip inflammation in the bud, it also speeds up wound healing. It provides an overall boost to immunity, putting a stop to inflammation before it takes hold.

King Trumpet is a powerful “immunity elixir” with antioxidants and amino acids, fighting inflammation and boosting immunity.

Shiitake is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. It helps prevent and clear infections, as well as fight viruses, and fungus.

Spare yourself the hassle of concocting a blend of supplements to combat inflammation. Why not simplify your routine and indulge in the delightful goodness of RYZE instead?

3. RYZE Fights Gas, Bloating, & Stomach Pain

RYZE’s superpower lies in its gut-healing properties.

Turkey Tail is nicknamed “the guardian of the gut” for good reason. It has antimicrobial, gut-protecting properties. It also promotes healthy digestion and microbiome diversity because it contains prebiotic fiber.

Research shows that having a diverse assortment of plant-based foods in your diet can improve your gut health. So even if you’re already cooking with adaptogenic mushrooms, our 6 gut-assisting mushrooms will provide your digestive system with the building blocks for healthy, diverse gut bacteria.

Even the creamy coconut milk in RYZE nourishes your gut! It’s naturally hydrating because of the healthy fats and electrolytes, which keep your digestive organs functioning optimally. Plus, it supports waste removal from the body and assists fat metabolism.

So if you’re one of the 60-70 million people in the US with digestive problems, this creamy drink could help your gut RYZE to the occasion!

4. RYZE Melts Away Stress & Anxiety

Stress is more than just a feeling. Stress is linked to obesity, heart problems, mental health challenges, skin problems, premature aging, and countless diseases.

That’s why RYZE’s powerful stress-busting ingredients are so important. RYZE works to disrupt the cycle of stress, allowing you to achieve a state of calmness while healing the body.

Reishi supports a balanced mood, improves sleep, and can reduce stress levels. But that’s not all, reishi can also increase white blood cell production, which works to fight off illness and disease, as well as reduce inflammation.

Cordyceps brings oxygen to the tissues, sustaining energy and improving physical stamina, so you can adapt to stress.

Lion’s Mane calms mental activity and helps balance brain chemicals, fighting stress and depression. 

And to cap it all off there’s the physical benefit of making yourself a creamy, comforting beverage, and just taking a moment to sip. 

5. RYZE Has Anti-Aging Skin Benefits

Just being alive means that your skin is aging…and that’s ok! But what causes premature aging in the skin?

One of the causes of premature aging is oxidative stress which causes skin damage like wrinkles. But what exactly is oxidative stress?

Oxidation is a normal bodily process where atoms or molecules in the body become paired with electrons, which makes them unstable. These are called “free radicals.” If left unchecked, free radicals can damage cells, cause irregular cell growth, and accelerate premature aging, unless…

Unless the free radicals are “scavenged,” or cleaned up, by antioxidants. And that’s where RYZE can step in and reduce premature skin aging.

All 6 of RYZE’s mushrooms contain antioxidants to fight illness and premature aging. They also contain fatty acids, which strengthen the skin barrier, relieve skin reactions, and protect skin from UV damage.

Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake contain Beta-Glucans that speed up the wound-healing process and strengthen skin from the inside out. Shiitake mushrooms have L-Ergothioneine to aid cell turnover and fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cordyceps can support skin hydration and encourage the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Reishi is great for calming dry, red, itchy skin. It not only fights oxidative stress, but it also combats dehydrated, inflamed, dull and sallow skin. By nourishing your gut, it fosters radiant skin from within.

You won’t find a more potent “skin food” than RYZE. And it’s the most affordable, highest-quality mushroom beverage on the market!

6. RYZE Fights Brain Fog With Focus

Anyone who uses the internet (and especially social media) is bound to come across the term “brain fog.” 

The problem is, brain fog is notoriously hard to figure out…and fix!

This is also one of RYZE’s specialties.

Reishi promotes better sleep and reduces stress, so you have improved mental clarity.

Lion’s Mane enhances concentration and improves your memory and focus for better cognitive performance. In fact, Buddhist monks used Lion’s Mane extensively to enhance focus and purpose in their studies.

Since Cordyceps oxygenates the blood and provides sustainable energy, it provides your brain with the fuel it needs whenever you put your “thinking cap” on.

In the words of RYZE drinker, Barbara: “I cannot express the relief I feel in being able to focus on a task, having my memory back, and not feeling like my head is in a fog…”

7. RYZE Provides Sustained Energy (AND Fights Jitters & Energy Crashes)

Most coffee drinkers not only love the flavor of coffee, they also love the energy boost! But that boost is shortly followed by an energy crash…not to mention, a nasty case of the jitters.

RYZE is the smoothest energy boost you’ll find.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee blend has just 48 mg of caffeine per serving. That’s less than half the caffeine of regular coffee!

But the real beauty of energy from RYZE is that its 6 adaptogenic mushrooms provide sustainable energy, minus the crash.

Cordyceps oxygenates the blood, delivering energy to your muscles and organs…and that includes your brain!

This supportive mushroom is like a friend meeting you at each mile of a marathon, dosing out energy that you need to keep going.

What other beverage provides sustained energy (and oxygen!) throughout your day?

How Will Your Body RYZE?

  • Balanced hormones 

  • Less joint pain & inflammation 

  • Diminished stomach pain & bloating

  • Lowered stress levels

  • Younger-looking skin

  • Banished brain fog

  • More energy & focus (minus jitters)