4 Ways RYZE Helps You Conquer Fatigue (And Feel Healthier, Too!)

By Jordan Staten

Last Updated Aug 21, 2023

1. Eliminate Bloating For Good & Enjoy a Flatter Tummy

1. Eliminate Bloating For Good & Enjoy a Flatter Tummy

Doing life isn’t always easy, even when you feel awake and energized.

But when the afternoon slump hits, it’s easy to feel powerless, especially when you want to work or clean but just can’t.

How can you focus on anything when you’re exhausted, while another cup of joe only adds insult to injury?

RYZE has just the magic to help: Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane.

Cordyceps has been used for thousands of years and is proven to give an energy-filled punch to combat fatigue. Rather than feeling tired, you’ll max out your day with a surge of motivation, doing the things you love (or the things on your to-do list).

Along with the energy boost from Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane promotes mental wellness by increasing our nerve growth factor (NGF), which aids in our spatial memory.

And since Lion’s Mane is also proven to aid in learning and memory deficits in as little as three weeks, it's no wonder Lion’s Mane gives you the focus-boost you need.

With every sip of this blend, you’ll RYZE in productivity, having the energy and focus to accomplish everything you put your mind to and feel good while doing it.

2. Clears Your Skin And Balances Hormonal Acne

2. Clears Your Skin And Balances Hormonal Acne

If you’ve ever had that post-Thanksgiving dinner slump, you know groggy gut.

Your body uses tons of energy in digestion, which leaves you tired after eating, no matter if you ate healthy or completely ate junk.

But if you pair that with the energy drain of gut issues like bloating, stomach pain, or constipation? No wonder you’re exhausted!

Good thing RYZE has a mushroom for that! 

Turkey Tail’s prebiotic properties gobble up the bad bacteria that’s secretly attacking your gut. As it regulates your gut’s atmosphere, you’ll find yourself feeling light as a feather. Turkey Tail also provides relief to those with chronic fatigue symptoms.

While your gut finds relief, the superfood shroom Reishi works deep in your body using its 400+ bioactive components. Reishi also supports your immune system, working overtime so you can RYZE from groggy gut!

3. Restores Gut Health & Clears Out Inflammation

3. Restores Gut Health & Clears Out Inflammation

It’s hard enough to discipline yourself to work out.

But when fatigue starts kicking in halfway through your workout, making you drag yourself through each exercise, does it feel worth it anymore?

And it’s not like you want to take just any energy drink - the point of exercise is to better your mind and body, after all.

That’s why Cordyceps provides you with more than energy.

In addition to providing an energy boost to get you moving…this power-pumping mushroom increases your V02 max; in other words, the maximum rate of oxygen your body can take in while you exercise. Some athletes even use specific training masks to increase their VO2 max for one reason:

More max oxygen = more energy.

And more energy = less fatigue.

You’ll be able to work out harder and longer!

And after you’ve had the workout of your life? Shiitake comes in for recovery.

Isn’t that a kitchen mushroom? Yes, but it’s super slept on for reducing inflammation, which makes it perfect for your post-workout needs.

With energy and recovery in your corner, you can RYZE before and after working out and become a stronger, sturdier you.

4. Protects Your Mind Against Anxiety & Depression

4. Protects Your Mind Against Anxiety & Depression

Unlike nutritional labels you have to scrutinize to avoid additives, chemicals, and who-knows-what-else, RYZE’s ingredient list is an impressive resume of 6 powerful adaptogenic mushrooms that will make you a better, healthier, and more holistic you.

King Trumpet, for example, runs a kingdom packed with antioxidants. Not only is it tasty - its B-vitamins strengthen brain function and memory, all while promoting a healthier heart and liver.

It even has organic selenium, which your body absorbs better than the inorganic kind in many supplements.

Shiitake also has alleight essential amino acids and is a proven cholesterol-reducer. Since high cholesterol can hurt your immune system over time, Shiitake is one more way you can RYZE toward a healthier you..

That’s the crazy thing about even one cup of RYZE mushroom coffee - every mushroom contributes to your overall health! From your home to your gut, to your workouts and mental wellness, every sip helps you RYZE healthier than ever.

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