How I Fixed My Bloating For Good With This 30-Second Daily Ritual 

By Quince Howard

Last Updated Aug 31, 2023

If you’re constantly struggling with bloating, gas or other gut issues, give this a close read because I finally found a way to naturally break free from my gut problems.

For years, my body was waving red flags at me…

And I never even noticed.

When my stomach would hurt , I always told myself it would just work itself out.

That was until my boyfriend had a serious sit-down conversation with me.

He told me that he was concerned about how little energy I had, and how often he would come home to find me taking a “cat nap.”

He pointed to my stomach and told me that he noticed how often I rubbed my belly to soothe my pain.

And worst of all, he forced me to acknowledge that when I passed gas… well it wasn’t always silent, but it WAS always deadly!

I knew then and there that I had to get my stomach issues sorted out, but the usual solutions got me nowhere.

I tried the typical suggestion like eating smaller meals and staying extra-hydrated but Inothing changed.

I even started taking these expensive probiotics I saw online.

Believe it or not, all it did was make my gas worse!

When my sister-in-law sat down next to me at a family cookout and asked how I was doing, I did my best to keep my composure – but I just couldn’t help it! Before I knew it, the tears were flowing.

I felt so silly, crying over what seemed to be just a bellyache! People deal with bigger problems every day, but here I was, ruining the 4th of July with my tears.

My sister-in-law, bless her heart, comforted me like a champ.

She made sure I knew that my problems really were a big deal, and that I had the right to be frustrated. She shared that she had run into some big problems with her own gut a few years back, but understandably didn’t want to talk about it.

Just like me, she had tried everything she could think of, but nothing worked! After going through the whole pharmacy department and all the usual home remedies, she was exhausted. But when she finally found a solution, it was even better than she anticipated.

When I begged her to tell me her secret to recovery, she said this:

“My best friend knows all about holistic medicine. She told me that one of the most powerful natural medicines that our body craves has been all but lost in our western diet…”

I thought she was about say something crazy, like snail slime or termite eggs! After all, if anyone could find this kind of relief from the grocery store, I definitely would have heard about it by now.

“It’s mushrooms!”

After hearing that, I was as weirded-out as I was skeptical but as it turns out, she wasn’t talking about the mushrooms found at most grocery stores.

She was referring to “adaptogenic” mushrooms.

For the next 15 minutes she told me about how they can naturally reduce inflammation, give you better energy and focus, and most importantly… boost your gut health!

I knew I had to give these miracle mushrooms a try, so I asked my sister-in-law where she got hers. I was already bracing myself for months of cooking and preparing these mushrooms…

But then she goes on to say this…

“That’s the best part – I actually drink them!”

That’s when she introduced me to RYZE Mushroom Coffee.

What is RYZE?

RYZE is a 100% organic drink that combines the powers of six adaptogenic healing mushrooms, coffee and MCT oil to give you the boost in energy, focus, and gut health that you need.

With its creamy and smooth taste, you would never believe all the health benefits this powdered drink mix has going on under the hood.

With RYZE supporting your body’s natural functions, you’ll find that stomach issues can become a thing of the past. Your body knows how to take care of you – all you need to do is give it the help it needs with RYZE.

With RYZE being the #1 selling mushroom coffee in the world, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the highest quality product on the market. That includes knowing that:

  • Each of RYZE’s 6 adaptogenic mushrooms are sustainably grown and sourced right here in the USA.

  • RYZE’s proprietary blend has been carefully lab-tested, certified, and selected to deliver premium taste and premium benefits, without any of the filler starches that other companies cut their drinks with.

  • They’ve received 50,000+ reviews from people thanking RYZE for their renewed energy, improved focus, and healthier gut.

And, on top of all that, RYZE is even easier to make than any regular cup of joe – all you do is mix 1 scoop of RYZE with hot or cold water, mix, and top it off with your favorite flavor (or enjoy your creamy drink on its own!).

When something this good is so easy, you can’t afford not to give it a try!

What makes RYZE special?

What sets RYZE apart from anything else on the market is their original handcrafted blend of adaptogenic mushrooms.

When the founders of RYZE realized that there wasn’t a coffee alternative on the market that met their standards, they set out on a journey to create something special And after years of vigorous testing and sampling, they succeeded.

That means that in every cup of delicious RYZE coffee, there’s a handcrafted formula that was carefully engineered to give you all the benefits without sacrificing flavor.

Lion’s Mane gives you calm, sharp focus, allowing you to become the most productive and motivated version of yourself.

Cordyceps increases your body's production of ATP for more stable energy and increased stamina without the dreadful mid-day crash.

Reishi is nicknamed the “mushroom of immortality” and has been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years. By supporting deep sleep and your immune system, it helps your body destress and eliminate the toxins that could be causing your gut distress.

Turkey Tail is a potent antimicrobial that helps protect your gut, promote healthy digestion and acts as a powerful defense against fatigue.

Shiitake is best known for its delicious taste as a gourmet mushroom but it also supports cardiovascular health and is another potent immunity booster. And with a boosted immune system and nutrient-rich blood flow to the affected areas, you could find your stomach trouble disappearing!

King Trumpet is a rich source of antioxidants and niacin which helps strengthen memory, supports brain function and even has cardiovascular benefits.

So when you enjoy the clean energy, reliable focus, and healthy gut that RYZE promotes…

You know that it’s a result of years of hard work and dedication!

What are people saying about RYZE

And trust me – I’m not the only one who’s raving about RYZE.

“LOVE!!! Drinking Ryze this way beats going to Dunkin’, Starbucks, or any other coffee shop for the sugar bombs waiting to happen. I sincerely enjoyed it. I would drink 1 to 2 a day depending if I worked the night shift. And after about a week, I realized, WOW I feel amazing! I felt less stress. I had more stamina.”

 - Heather Dusenberry

“So, I began seeing more and more about mushroom coffee. I knew that I have been wanting to decrease my coffee intake because as I have gotten older the side effects have become more noticeable. So I started to pay attention to this “mushroom coffee”... I was immediately smitten. It was delicious.”

- Nadine Napierkowski

“I love the taste, I add almond milk, I love the easiness of it, I love the effects, my [mood] has been out of hand lately and this really stabilized me… I love what it has done for me and makes me feel like a new me, a healthier me and I’m excited for each again, I was in a dark place and this has saved me thank you!”

- Heather Ribley

“Since starting with RYZE, it’s not that my life has changed one bit, it’s that the *way* my body and mind respond to my life has changed. My stress is way down, energy levels up, and my mind is more clear than it’s been in probably years. I find myself taking the extra time to let my kids help with tasks (we all know that toddler help is the worst kind haha) and I’m reacting to the messes and oops of the day with a calm, “no biggie” attitude. I have only been drinking RYZE for a week and I am changed. I love it, and will *never* go back to regular coffee!” 

- Aubrey Adams

“I've been taking Ryze for about 2 months now and will never drink regular coffee again… After about 3 days of starting, I noticed a significant difference in my memory, concentration, energy level and pain from areas affected from inflammation… You will never go without it.”

- Barbara Carr

Is RYZE really worth it?

Judging from my experience and the reviews of others? 100%, yes.

We all know that taking care of your health is the key to a long and happy life, and I know that RYZE Mushroom Coffee was that all-important first step in my health journey.

RYZE gave me the opportunity to fix the stomach problems that had been plaguing me for so long, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

And whether you’re suffering from low motivation, lack of energy, or stomach issues, you have to believe me when I say…

I wish my sister had told me about RYZE sooner!

If you’re looking for a sign to take the leap and give your mental and physical health the boost it deserves: This. Is. It.

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