6 Ways RYZE Helps Fight Acne, Slow Down Aging, & Perfect Your Skin

1. RYZE’s Adaptogens Help Balance Hormones

1. RYZE’s Adaptogens Help Balance Hormones

If you have hormonal acne, is the only “fix” a trip to the doctor?

Not necessarily. Adaptogenic mushrooms can help balance your hormones from the inside out. The ingredients in RYZE Mushroom Matcha can teach your Endocrine System to make the right hormones, in the correct balance clearing up your acne by starting in the gut. 

But in order to do this, you need to make sure your adaptogens are potent and high quality.

RYZE’s adaptogenic mushrooms are California-grown and include the fruiting bodies for maximum health impact. The ceremonial-grade Japanese Matcha is the highest quality available, and all the ingredients are 100% organic.

What’s more, Lion’s Mane may promote the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factors). This brain chemical influences hypothalamic hormones…which directly affects your skin.

So if you’d like to tackle your skin problems holistically, instead of just putting a “bandaid” on the symptoms

Not only is RYZE a delicious, creamy beverage, it’s also a hormone-balancing powerhouse!

2. RYZE Has Powerful Inflammation-Fighting Ingredients

2. RYZE Has Powerful Inflammation-Fighting Ingredients

It’s no secret that many skin conditions are rooted in inflammation. RYZE Mushroom Matcha fights inflammation, oxidative stress, and mental stress with powerful adaptogenic mushrooms, Matcha antioxidants, and blue spirulina.

Reishi helps fight inflammation and reduces oxidative stress. It also helps speed up wound healing and provides an overall boost to immunity, helping prevent inflammation before it even takes hold.

King Trumpet is a powerful “immunity elixir” with antioxidants and amino acids, fighting inflammation and boosting immunity.

Shiitake helps prevent and clear infections, as well as fight viruses, fungus, and infections.

Matcha reduces inflammation and provides 10x the antioxidants of green tea. It fights free radical damage, which helps stop cell injuries that lead to aging and disease.

Blue Spirulina reduces inflammation and boosts immunity. It helps fight acne and puffiness, boosting the overall health and radiance of your skin. It’s rich in nutrients and helps encourage cell turnover, for more fresh, youthful skin.

3. RYZE Helps Restore Gut Health…Which Impacts Skin Health

3. RYZE Helps Restore Gut Health…Which Impacts Skin Health

Conditions like SIBO and leaky gut have gotten a lot of attention recently. But does your gut health impact the look and feel of your skin?

It appears so. Leaky gut can cause systemic inflammation and hormone imbalances, which often results in acne or inflamed skin. Studies show that the microbiome and immunity play an important role in acne formation.

Thankfully RYZE Mushroom Matcha is packed with gut-healing properties. 

Turkey Tail is nicknamed “the guardian of the gut” for its anti-microbial, gut-protecting properties. It promotes healthy digestion and microbiome diversity with its prebiotic fiber.

Matcha has polyphenols that encourage beneficial gut bacteria AND fight bad gut bacteria. It also supports healthy teeth and gums, which is an often-ignored part of gut health. Your mouth is the beginning of your digestive tract, so if it’s unhealthy, it can lead to an unhealthy microbiome.

Matcha also increases enzyme production in your stomach lining. It helps break down proteins, leading to better nutrient absorption and more efficient digestion…both of which encourage clearer skin.

Blue Spirulina can also improve digestion and gut health by helpinging feed good bacteria, leading to a more balanced microbiome.

Even the creamy coconut milk in RYZE Mushroom Matcha helps your gut! It’s naturally hydrating because of the healthy fats and electrolytes, which keeps your digestive organs functioning optimally. It also helps remove waste from the body and helps metabolize fat.

4. RYZE Improves Your Body’s Stress Response

4. RYZE Improves Your Body’s Stress Response

Most people exist with a certain level of stress in their lives. So let's face it - a calming beverage could probably benefit us all!

But if you live with consistently high stress, or if you’ve ever suffered a bad acne breakout, you know how vicious the stress cycle can be. Stress leads to bad sleep, which leads to frustration and low productivity during the day…and it all goes downhill from there.

But stress isn’t just a feeling. Stress is linked to damaged skin cells, breakouts, aging, redness, dullness, fine lines, dryness, and overall irritated skin.

That’s why RYZE’s stress-busting ingredients are so important. RYZE helps break the stress cycle so you can calm down and heal up.

Reishi supports a balanced mood, improves sleep, and can reduce stress levels. Reishi can also increase white blood cell production, which helps fight off illness and disease as well as reduce inflammation.

Cordyceps brings oxygen to the tissues, sustaining energy and helping you adapt better to stress.

Lion’s Mane calms mental activity and helps decrease brain chemicals that can lead to high stress levels and depression.

Matcha’s high content of L-theanine brings zen-like focus, naturally reducing stress levels and giving a natural bump of energy.

5. RYZE Helps Protect Skin From Environmental Stressors & Oxidative Damage (Aging)

5. RYZE Helps Protect Skin From Environmental Stressors & Oxidative Damage (Aging)

Oxidative stress causes skin damage like wrinkles and premature aging. But what is oxidative stress anyway?

Oxidation is a normal bodily process where atoms or molecules in the body become paired with electrons, which makes them unstable. These are called “free radicals.” The free radicals can then damage cells, cause irregular cell growth, and make you look prematurely old, unless…

Unless the free radicals are “scavenged,” or cleaned up, by antioxidants.

RYZE’s Matcha and Blue Spirulina are concentrated sources of antioxidants. In addition, adaptogens like the mushrooms found in RYZE help protect your skin from stress and environmental damage.

Reishi has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent skin damage. Lion’s Mane helps reverse stress-related changes in the brain, which would inevitably end up showing in your skin. Cordyceps improves stress response and lessens fatigue, which would also end up showing in your skin.

The natural compounds found in RYZE’s Mushroom Matcha work together to clean up the free radicals in our bodies, helping us fight off diseases and the signs of premature aging before they take root.

6. RYZE Mushroom Matcha Is a Delicious Superfood For Your Skin

6. RYZE Mushroom Matcha Is a Delicious Superfood For Your Skin

It goes without saying that a superfood should be high quality and organic, so that you can get the maximum health benefits.

RYZE’s ingredient lineup is organic, vegan, and free from sugar, soy, gluten, dairy, and GMOs. We’ve sourced the highest quality, ceremonial-grade Matcha. And our coconut milk and MCT powders bring a delicious creaminess in addition to their health-boosting powers.

But what about the mushrooms? RYZE Mushroom Matcha contains a blend of 6 powerful adaptogenic mushrooms, where other brands only use 3-4 types.

A bag of RYZE contains full spectrum mushrooms for their beneficial compounds, and never includes fillers. The competition uses myceliated grain, which adds a lot of starch and not a lot of benefits.

RYZE Mushroom Matcha contains antioxidants to fight illness and premature aging. Our blend of adaptogenic mushrooms fights stress, promotes healthy sleep, balances hormones, improves gut health, and fights inflammation from the inside out. They contain fatty acids that help strengthen the skin barrier, relieve skin reactions, and protect skin from harmful UV rays.

Reishi can help calm dry, red, itchy skin. It not only fights oxidative stress, but it helps combat dehydrated, inflamed, dull and sallow skin.

Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake contain Beta-Glucans that speed up the wound healing process and strengthen skin from the inside out. Shiitake mushrooms have L-Ergothioneine to help with cell turnover and fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Cordyceps can help hydrate skin and encourage the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Healthy and glowing skin truly does start in the gut. And being the most affordable & highest quality mushroom beverage on the market, RYZE truly is the key to healthy skin.

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