5 Reasons This Mushroom Coffee Makes You More Productive (And More Relaxed)

1. RYZE's Recipe Retrains Your Brain

1. RYZE's Recipe Retrains Your Brain

RYZE's recipe includes coffee (of course), but not just any old beans. They use shade-grown, organic arabica coffee sourced from Mexico.

Then, they add a blend of six mushrooms known to promote mental and physical health:

  • Cordyceps

  • Reishi

  • Lion's Mane

  • Shiitake

  • Turkey Tail

  • King Trumpet

Is it coffee? Absolutely - a delicious, smooth blend. But, instead of an over-caffeinated jolt to your system, you're saturating your body with life-giving properties.

You'll see your productivity go from 0-60 long-term. You'll start to see those afternoon doldrums slip away, and you’ll experience the type of productivity you've always wanted.

That's because RYZE's unique recipe includes Cordyceps which boosts stamina, Lion's Mane which improves focus and Reishi to alleviate stress. Together, these three mushrooms create a productivity goldmine in your brain.

Two verified users said:

...my productivity has improved remarkably. Yay!

I am feeling more happy and my productivity level has increased significantly.

2. RYZE Defeats The Enemies Of Productivity: Brain Fog, Fatigue And Anxiety

2. RYZE Defeats The Enemies Of Productivity: Brain Fog, Fatigue And Anxiety

On a typical work day, an attorney, CEO, secretary or business owner will hit the "afternoon slump." The solution is always coffee...but what if coffee is making the problem worse?

A "pick me up" is great, but the wrong pick me up actually gives you anxiety. In fact, there's something called caffeine-induced anxiety disorder, and it’s super common amongst people who blindly over-consume coffee on a daily basis

But, RYZE is different because of its unique recipe. RYZE mushroom coffee has the right amount of caffeine, but also contains functional mushrooms that optimize your body and brain function. Additionally, these mushrooms have your back, containing antioxidants, antivirals and antimicrobials.

One of those mushrooms - Reishi, the "mushroom of immortality," - supports better mood and lowers anxiety. That's one of the key ingredients in RYZE.

Drinking RYZE isn't a "shot of caffeine," it's a calming boost of total-body awareness that strips your mind of anxiety so you can focus on what matters.

3. Unlike Regular Coffee, RYZE Is Good For Your Gut Health

3. Unlike Regular Coffee, RYZE Is Good For Your Gut Health

Maybe you get that much-needed boost after a cup of coffee, but then come the bloats, the gas and the cramping. None of which help with productivity. Plus, spending time in the bathroom probably won't help you get work done either.

That's why RYZE has a healthy dose of Turkey Tail, a mushroom known for its’ ability to protect the digestive system as an antimicrobial.

RYZE mushroom coffee actually supports good gut health and calms the digestive tract. It gives you the perk up you need while keeping your tummy calm, cool and collected. Its low-acid formula is easy on your stomach lining, and it improves your gut-brian connection.

4. RYZE Repels Brain Fog!

4. RYZE Repels Brain Fog!

It's 3 pm, you drink your caffeine-packed coffee and you're jittery as a toddler after a milkshake. But then comes the dreaded mid-day crash and...BRAIN FOG!

Using too much caffeine works against you and your cortisol levels, a hormone that helps control your alertness. Heightened doses of caffeine, even if well-intentioned, might make you productive for 30 minutes, but the crash will destroy you professionally.

This is where Lion’s Mane makes RYZE a completely different kind of coffee. Buddhist monks actually used this mushroom to enhance focus while also keeping them calm. This is just one of the ways RYZE's mushroom blend transforms your productivity. 

Imagine a slow, steady delivery of energy that lasts for hours without the comedown. RYZE grants you this gift, making brain fog a thing of the past.

5. RYZE Has The "Right Amount" Of Caffeine For The Office

5. RYZE Has The "Right Amount" Of Caffeine For The Office

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that improper doses of caffeine raise blood pressure, stimulate the heart, and produce rapid shallow breathing, which deprives the brain of the oxygen needed to keep your thinking calm and rational.

Most office coffee, and the coffee drinks you get from the place that rhymes with "Charbucks", pack in a whopping 170 mg of caffeine per cup!

A cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee contains about 48 mg of caffeine, significantly less than office or fast food-style coffee. Even binge coffee drinkers will get a smooth caffeine boost, not the explosive jitters that plagues others in the office.

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