C O F F E E. 

That 6 letter word that evokes some fairly powerful feelings pretty much everywhere you turn. Some people love it, some love to hate it. What we do know for certain is that it’s an attention grabber! From its taste and aroma, to the endless variations coffee lovers seem to find, to that one special preparation you never stray from. Get excited coffee lovers!

Because we have some great news for you, all that love is not for naught. Keep reading to find out why coffee holds incredible advantages for our health...if the pure and simple enjoyment of it isn't reason enough!

Still not sure? Here are 4 simple reasons why coffee has some legitimate health benefits. Sure, we'll wait if you want to go ahead and grab another cup before settling into read the rest!

1. Get More Productive + Develop a Sharper Mind

It's no wonder that we go for another cup when we want that extra boost. Backing by science that shows that caffeinated drinks can enhance motor skills and improve performance. Even more, caffeine consumption has been shown to correlate with an increase in the precision of short-term memory and recall. Plus, the energy jolt for body and mind is real! To get rid of the caffeine spikes and sustain energy throughout the day, a perfect fix is mushroom coffee, which gives smoother and calmer alertness, better long-term energy more, and no dreaded afternoon crash. 

2. Coffee Can Help Lower the Chance of Type II Diabetes

A 2012 study found that coffee contributes to lowering the chance of developing type II diabetes. When comparing and contrasting the effects of drinks with and without caffeine, the study found that the presence of caffeine effected the development of this issue. To no surprise, while drinks with higher sugar content had a negative outcome, coffee consumers were found to be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetimes. Call it correlational, but we think this is some promising information for all the coffee lovers out there!

3. Coffee Reduces Risk From Some Cancers + Other Degenerative Diseases

This has become one of the more researched areas around coffee’s positive value; java has shown lots of promise in its ability to prevent some cancers. In a 2005 study, research found that coffee consumption was associated with significantly lower risk of developing certain cancers and chronic liver disease. For neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's, the research was even more promising, suggesting that caffeine consumption on a daily basis may be one of the best preventative steps one could take in lowering risk for these debilitating illnesses.

4. Aids In Good Heart Health + Maintains Normal Blood Pressure Levels

Once again, we can look to coffee here. Now, don’t get too carried away! Chugging too much strong coffee is not going to make you feel good nor be healthy for the heart. While coffee can sometimes give the feeling of heart racing, that’s due to heavy overconsumption of especially strong brew in short periods of time. 

However, in terms of heart health, coffee does just the opposite. Studies from 2005 and 2011 conclude that there is no evidence to show that drinking coffee regularly has any noteworthy or long-term negative consequences on cardiovascular wellness or blood pressure. In particular, the 2011 study brought to light evidence indicating that coffee consumption might even lower the chance of cardiovascular disease substantially when compared to people who drink very little to no coffee at all.

Want another cup after reading this? 

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