Everyone deals with stress throughout their daily lives, whether it’s problems at work, at home, or anywhere in between. The truth is that how we react to these stressors is crucial to our own personal development. It's exactly what determines how our lives play out and how well we can succeed. 

Here are 5 tips that can save you from making a serious mistake during certain stressful situations you might find yourself in:

When Someone is Driving You Nuts 

(and you're ready to knock some teeth out...)

Man wearing joker makeup

Before you release your anger on anyone, or an insult comes out of your mouth that you’re going to regret a few minutes later, you need to count - slowly - to ten. 



You don't have to say anything while you do it; just make sure you don't react or act in those moments. Whatever happens (and even if you’re ready to throw a scalding hot cup of coffee in your co-workers face)... Calm down. 

In most circumstances, by the time you've reached ten, your mind has become clear enough to find a better way to deal with the problem than with your emotions. It’ll make the issue look smaller and more manageable.

If, after counting to ten, you still feel like trying your left hook, then treat yourself to a time-out. Back up, retreat, leave the building if you can. You won't gain anything by acting impulsively, so give yourself a longer time to stay calm and reevaluate the situation. 

 But, if nerves or anxiety are the problem, keep reading... 

Man in glasses biting his fingernails

When You're Feeling Nervous or Anxious 

(and you've run out of nails to bite...)

Wash your face with cold water.

It’s crazy how well this trick works. I would do it before big presentations at my previous job in order to ease the nerves. Turns out, splashing your face with cold water triggers your primitive diving reflex and will help lower your heart rate by 10 to 25 percent. If you don't have immediate access to water, try to breathe clean air (and getting a little sunshine while doing so will also help you stay calm).

Aside from this cool trick, you can also use medicinal mushrooms to help ease stress and anxiety by adding them to your daily routine. Helping your body adapt to stressful situations is exactly what they are known for and we created RYZE so you can easily add mushrooms to your day. By swapping your boring morning coffee for our better-for-you Mushroom Coffee, you'll feel calm energy and focus all day long without any jitters or crash. Not to mention all the awesome immune system benefits our mushrooms have as well. 

When You're Feeling Indecisive

(and don't know whether to keep reading this article or not...)

Sign post showing this way, that way, somewhere else

Time for a cost-benefit analysis. One of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make was leaving my secure, steady paycheck at the job I hated to move into my mother’s basement and start RYZE. The one thing that made the decision infinitely easier was writing out a cost-benefit analysis, or in lay mans terms, a pros and cons list.

Put each of your two (or however many) options on a piece of paper with a line in the middle, making a T chart. For each one, write its pros and cons in detail (Add a cartoon of the boss you hate if you think it's necessary). To make this quantitate and more effective, assign a weight to each one from 1 (not very influential) to 5 (very influential).

Add the numbers together on each side and that's it! No more excuses and no looking back. Side with the larger sum wins - you have your solution. 

Man in suit playing video games at his work desk

When You're Losing Motivation

(and you're procrastinating three quarters of your day to nothingness..)

My recommendation is to make a fitness goal and start exercising (preferably in the morning).

Fitness goals are amazing because they can be achieved daily and nothing has to be left up to luck. It’s completely in your control and anyone can do it. My first fitness goal was to do 5 yoga poses each for 1 minute every morning as soon as I wake up, followed by 10 pushups. It may seem easy, but just completing that task every morning set me up to have a great day because I felt like I had already accomplished something and was working towards a goal. Soon, I started counting my streaks of how many mornings in a row I kept it up and those became insanely rewarding as well.

While fitness is not related to other goals I have in my life like running a successful business or being a good uncle, the feelings of accomplishment and confidence that it gives me definitely flow through to all other aspects of my life and help me stay motivated on all fronts. 

When You Feel Fear, Distrust, or Depression Coming Over You

(and you need to find peace ASAP)

Young man with blue eyes hiding under covers

Surround yourself with green and blue colors and try to be by nature. Go to a park and walk around, maybe a lake or pond nearby, or a spot you know that has a great view. Do your best to find a space that can be truly yours for a moment, where you can meditate and silence your mind for at least half an hour. 

For this difficult situation, the most important thing is to remember that you have the potential to solve any problem that comes your way. Your situation is unique to you so truly anything can happen, so make sure to never compare yourself to anyone else who might’ve been in a similar circumstance. And regardless of all that, remember that in the end it will all be okay. 

You know this is true! All you need is for your heart to keep beating. Call it confidence or faith in yourself, whatever you want; but believe that you can really keep it together and make a change in your life.

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