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First off, we wanted to say how grateful we are that you're on this journey with us.We're two ex-coffee-lovers and are passionate about our mission to find better health through a better morning ritual. As a small business launched during COVID-19, we wanted to share our story with you. We're all heart and we're powered by 'shrooms.Helping you get what you want gets us up every morning and we wouldn't trade it for anything! 

With gratitude,

Andrée + Rashad 

Where it all began

Our journey with RYZE started when we met as undergrads in college. As young professionals and students, we both ran on coffee, easily guzzling 4-5 cups daily.

Over time, this habit started ruining our sleep, depleting our energy, and making us unhappy. We knew we needed to make a change. 

Where it all began

Then the Magic Hit

Then the Magic Hit

We spent years testing out different medicinal mushrooms, superfoods, adaptogens, you name it. After lots of experiments (many failed ones by the way), and coffee - time - turned - mixology - lessons, we finally found the magic....

Imagine a coffee that not only wakes you up but gives you energy that lasts ALL day.

Here are some other

things it's good for

Long-term brain and heart health

Boosting your metabolism.

Reducing stress & supporting deep sleep.

Immune system support.

Balancing the gut microbiome.

That's it, simple.

This dream, like so many things, started with a savings account, a penchant for feeling good, and a ton of care and late nights.

The Superfoods That Healed Us

The Superfoods That Healed Us


We found that Lion’s Mane helped us stay focused throughout our long days.


Cordyceps gave us more energy during our runs and workouts.


Then when we paired them with Reishi and Shiitake, we noticed our allergies and red eyes starting togo away.


Turkey Tail helped keep our bloating down and our stomachs calm.


Our personal favorite, this mushroom helped clear our skin and reduce inflammation in our bodies.

Thousands Of Folks

Are Reaping The Benefits Too.

Why Are We

Doing This?

Our Mission is to be the best part of your morning.

To help you feel better and happier every single day

To be more than just a drink.

We are a mindset.

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We're proud to announce that we're partnering with Mindfulness First, an incredible non-profit organization that is committed to helping children manage stress and trauma by teaching mindful awareness in their classrooms.The need for mental health and wellness programs, especially for our youth, is becoming an imperative, and we're honored to support Mindfulness First to bring these practices to every child in every classroom in America.

 Andrée + Rashad


Transforming classrooms and communities with mindfulness.


Mindfulness helps decrease violence, isolation and biases.

1 in 5

Children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder.


Of those children never receive personalized mental health care.

Mindfulness First equips teachers and educators with uniquely impactful techniques to help their students practice mindfulness.


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