Nutritionist Reveals: If You Suffer From Bad Breath, This Little-Known Gut Disease May Be To Blame

“Forget Meds and Crazy Diets…Try THIS Instead”

“Forget Meds and Crazy Diets…Try THIS Instead”

Do you suffer from bad breath and can't get rid of it despite your best efforts?

"Then look no further than your gut," suggests Jenna Johnson, a certified holistic nutritionist who has worked for 5 years helping women repair their gut to trigger unbelievable transformations.

It turns out your bad breath can be a sign that you suffer from a silent and debilitating gut disorder affecting millions of Americans.

One that's ignored by the mass media and that can cause a host of issues besides foul breath, including…

Bloating and gas…

Mental fog…

And fatigue…

Fortunately, Johnson has found an ancient food that can stop your bad breath and quickly turn your gut health around, so you can live a life full of energy, focus, and vitality.

How This Obscure Gut Disease Is Making Your Mouth Smell Bad

How This Obscure Gut Disease Is Making Your Mouth Smell Bad

Your mouth and gut are home to large communities of bacteria that work day and night to digest your food.

These bacteria live in a delicate balance that can be affected by the foods you eat, stress, and the use of antibiotics. When that happens, other bacteria, yeasts, and viruses that are often kept in check take over your gut, causing mayhem.

“The gut has a larger and more complex population of bacteria—over 30 trillion in the case of your gut, a few billion in the case of your mouth—so when bad bacteria grow in your gut, it can also grow in your mouth,” Johnson explains.

When your mouth gets overrun by these bacteria and start breaking down your food, they produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) such as hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs, and methyl mercaptan, which smells like rotten cabbage.

Since the gut plays a critical role in your digestion, energy levels, and mental focus, an imbalance in the gut can affect your life in more ways than you might expect.

“When my clients come to me with bloating that doesn't go away, fatigue, and mental fog, the first thing I ask them is, ‘do you have bad breath?’ Most people seem a bit taken aback by my question, but in every case, the answer is ‘yes,’” Johnson explains. “And that's a sign of microbial dysbiosis.”

Microbial dysbiosis is the medical term for the gut disorder causing your bad breath. Despite being widespread in the United States, it's mostly ignored by most doctors and, most notably, food companies.

According to Johnson, the biggest culprits of microbial dysbiosis are sugars and food additives, especially those made out of petroleum, such as mineral oil, paraffin wax, and sodium benzoate.

“Sugars and food additives make foods taste and look better, they're cheap to produce and legal to use. So they are everywhere,” says Johnson. "This is why microbial dysbiosis is so common and why it's so hard to get rid of."

How You Can Regain Control of Your Gut with This Ancient Food

How You Can Regain Control of Your Gut with This Ancient Food

The most common solutions to fix microbial dysbiosis focus on taking probiotics or fiber supplements. While they may seem harmless, they often make the problem worse.

"Your gut is already out of whack due to the overgrowth of bad bacteria, so by adding fiber, you end up feeding the bad bacteria,” explains Johnson.

Probiotics, on the other hand, tend not to reach the large intestine. Recent studies have shown that most probiotics end up releasing in the small intestine, which overwhelms it and causes brain fogginess, gas, and bloating.

So what can you do to stop your microbial dysbiosis and reclaim your gut's health?

According to Johnson, the answer lies in one simple food: adaptogenic mushrooms.

Adaptogenic mushrooms have been known in Tibetan and Indian medicine for millennia due to their health-boosting properties. In recent times, scientists have found that adaptogenic mushrooms are full of natural compounds with remarkable abilities, from boosting the immune system to increasing stamina to protecting your gut.

“Out of the dozens of compounds found in them, two stand out the most,” says Johnson.

The first one is called beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber with prebiotic properties—meaning that it selectively promotes the growth of good gut bacteria. Beta-glucan also strengthens the gut barrier, helping your body defend against unwanted bloat-causing intruders.

The second compound, triterpene, reduces the inflammation caused by bad bacteria, helping your gut recover faster and ease bloating.

Since these two compounds are so effective at protecting your gut from invaders, Johnson likes to call them the "gut guardians."

“Sadly, adaptogenic mushrooms aren't available in most supermarkets or stores. And to get the minimum dose of gut guardians per day, you'd need to spend hundreds of dollars a month. And the worst part is they take too much time to prepare, a big no-no for people with busy lifestyles,” she said.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee: The Drink Revolutionizing Gut Health in 2024

RYZE Mushroom Coffee: The Drink Revolutionizing Gut Health in 2024

For Johnson, taking adaptogenic mushrooms should be simple, affordable, and enjoyable.

"I knew that if adaptogenic mushrooms didn't provide any meaningful benefits within a few weeks, my clients would stop consuming them. Especially because they were expensive and hard to prepare," Johnson says.

So when Johnson heard about RYZE Mushroom Coffee, she knew she had found what she was looking for.

Here's why:

First, RYZE Mushroom Coffee combines a unique blend of 100% organic arabica coffee with six adaptogenic mushrooms known for their high content of gut guardians. 

This includes Shiitake and Turkey Tail, which have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, as well as Reishi and King Trumpet, which are full of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation.

“What truly got me over the line was when I learned that one serving of RYZE Mushroom Coffee contains 2000 mg of these incredible mushrooms,” explains Johnson. “That's four times the minimum recommended dose, and way more than what most people would get from cooking them.”

What's more, RYZE Mushroom Coffee has only 15 calories per serving and contains no grains, food additives, or sweeteners, making it keto and paleo-friendly. It's also dairy-free, which is ideal for vegans.

The 6 Adaptogenic Mushrooms Making RYZE Mushroom Coffee the Best Natural Drink to Relieve Microbial Dysbiosis

The 6 Adaptogenic Mushrooms Making RYZE Mushroom Coffee the Best Natural Drink to Relieve Microbial Dysbiosis

  • Reishi: Known as the "mushroom of immortality," Reishi boosts your immune system. It's like a wise leader who tells your body's defense system where to focus, keeping bad bacteria in check.

  • Cordyceps: It helps boost your stamina and supports your gut's ability to absorb nutrients better. Think of Cordyceps as the energetic coach, ensuring your gut cells are fit and able to keep up the good work.

  • Lion's Mane: Famous for its brain-boosting properties, Lion's Mane also helps with gut health by encouraging the growth of good bacteria.

  • King Trumpet: A powerhouse for antioxidants that reduce gut inflammation. Imagine King Trumpet as a gut shield, defending your gut lining from damage and stress.

  • Turkey Tail: Research has shown it's packed with gut guardians that support a healthy immune system and bacterial balance. Turkey Tail ensures your gut has backup, reinforcing its defenses against toxins.

  • Shiitake: Great for lowering inflammation and promoting the growth of beneficial gut flora. By strengthening the gut lining, Shiitake prevents harmful microbes and toxins from disrupting the digestive system.


I'm happy to report that I no longer suffer from that loud and sometimes painful gas thing that was happening. At first the symptoms would come and go and I wasn't sure if Rize was actually working for me, so waited awhile before commenting. I can now say for sure that the gas is completely gone. I love my Rize so much that I sometimes have 2 cups per day.

- David Nailah S.


When I saw the ads for Ryze, of course I was skeptical. But after trying the mushroom coffee for two weeks, I noticed that my allergies became less severe over time and my bloating and gas went away. My digestion is much better now. When I eat food, my gut is no longer sensitive and finicky. It actually worked. I think my inflammation is really down with Ryze.
- Tiffany Y.


I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 41. I was drinking 8-10 cups of black coffee a day. I needed a change. I switched to Ryze and for three months have noticed a significant decrease in my inflammation and swelling. Great focus throughout my day. And I kicked my awful jittery caffeine habit with absolutely no crash! I love Ryze!
- Mike B.


This coffee is a keeper!!!! It's amazing taste and how it makes you feel is awesome I have so much energy and coming from being constipated sometimes to having regular bowel movements!! It's helped me so much and bloating feeling is gone!!!! Thank you!!!
- Tressie B.


When I made my first cup, I was like OMG!!!!! this is amazing. Now, that I have implemented a newly found product in my life, I am going to stick with this. I gives me the clarity that I need, the regulation of my bowels and most of all, energy that I need. Thank you to the founders that discovered a way to clear our minds and focus more effectively and not having to drink coffee throughout the day for energy. GREAT PRODUCT!!!
- Jeneva D.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost?

When Johnson first found out about RYZE Mushroom Coffee, a 30-dose bag cost $36.

"Given the high concentration of adaptogenic mushrooms per serving and the extensive benefits it promised, I felt the price was justified," says Johnson.

But as of this writing, RYZE is offering a special promotion.

For a limited time, you can purchase a bag at a 25% discount, bringing the cost down to just $27 per bag, or about $0.90 per serving.

This price is expected to last only as long as the current stock does, so you risk missing out if you don't act quickly.

A few weeks after you start taking a cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee, the symptoms of microbial dysbiosis, like bad breath and bloating, will begin to ease. You'll notice your energy levels increasing, your mental clarity improving, and your overall mood lifting—all for less than a dollar per cup.

So, if you are serious about stopping microbial dysbiosis and regaining your gut health, try RYZE Mushroom Coffee.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If you find that you're not satisfied with the product, you can easily get a full refund, no questions asked.

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee Worth It?

Is RYZE Mushroom Coffee Worth It?

With all of the amazing benefits that RYZE Mushroom Coffee has brought to all of Johnson's clients, we asked her if she thought it was worth it for people like you to try it out.

“After testing the product on all my clients who suffered from microbial dysbiosis, I can safely say RYZE Mushroom Coffee is 100% worth a try,” explained Johnson.

"Before RYZE, my clients were bloated, fatigued, and moody," she says. "But now, the faces that used to look gloomy radiated confidence and joy. The bodies they used to drag across the room looked energetic and full of life. And the bad breath? It's gone."

If you're struggling with bad breath and all of the other symptoms of microbial dysbiosis, such as bloating, low energy, and mental fog, RYZE Mushroom Coffee might be exactly what you need.

“Drinking at least one cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee a day will help you tackle your microbial dysbiosis head-on, ensuring your gut recovers its balance and vitality,” says Johnson. “Some of my patients have seen considerable improvements within days, especially when taking it twice daily.”

The benefits of RYZE Mushroom Coffee go beyond avoiding the discomfort of bloating or bad breath. It’s about improving your overall quality of life, enabling you to live without the constant worry of digestive discomfort disrupting your day.

If you want to enjoy life with energy from sunrise to sunset, clean fresh breath, and possess the confidence that comes from being at your best, why not make that choice today?

With RYZE's 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in giving it a try. Your future self might just thank you.

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