5 Reasons Women All Across the United States Sip Mushroom Coffee for a Rejuvenating Night’s Sleep

1. Eliminate Bloating For Good & Enjoy a Flatter Tummy

1. Bid Farewell to Sleepless Nights...

We all have our own rituals near bedtime, but did you know our morning habits are equally important? And if you usually drink coffee throughout the day, well...

Sleep experts recommend that you stop drinking coffee by 12 PM to ensure your sleep is undisturbed. But what if you could get an energy kick AND sleep soundly through the night?

RYZE is infused with the harmonious duo of Shiitake and Turkey Tail mushrooms, a powerful pair of adaptogens which reduce inflammation and relax your muscles. This counteracts the negative effects of caffeine and allows you to unwind completely, letting you effortlessly drift off into a deep and restful sleep.

2. Clears Your Skin And Balances Hormonal Acne

2. "The Ultimate Elixir For A Good-Night's Sleep"

For many women, their sleep problems are caused by worries and stress from the day. These show up as feelings of nervousness, stress and anxiety swelling through your body.

Relaxing and winding down is helpful, but it’s much better to deal with the problem at its source. RYZE incorporates Reishi mushrooms to reduce cortisol levels, stress and anxiety, easing you into a state of relaxation that helps you stay calm and collected until bedtime...

With RYZE you can avoid those racing thoughts that often keep you tossing and turning. With a clear mind, falling asleep becomes a breeze, paving the way for an even better day ahead!

3. Restores Gut Health & Clears Out Inflammation

3. It Helps Reduce Brain Fog And Regain Your Focus

Who enjoys staring out into space or losing focus all the time? We all experience moments like this, but it's especially common when caffeines initial boost wears off and you experience the dreaded mid-day crash.

RYZE’s unique formula includes Lion's Mane, a mushroom known to stimulate the production of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor). Promoting mental clarity and sharp focus, Lion's Mane also helps reduce brain fog, keeping you calm but alert, so when bedtime rolls around all your tasks and chores are squared out.

You'll feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that you got through your day with ease. And then you can fall asleep with clarity of mind, ready to effortlessly take on what comes next.

4. Protects Your Mind Against Anxiety & Depression

4. You Can Embrace the Rhythms of Rest: 

Picture yourself on a peaceful trip, through beautiful natural landscapes, like the mountains or forest. The long journey fills you with energy and excitement, and as it ends you also feel spent and ready to fall into the deepest sleep ever…

Fresh air tends to do that. And so does Cordyceps, one of the key mushrooms in RYZE’s blend and it's been linked to improved oxygen utilization in your body. By enhancing your body's ability to utilize oxygen efficiently, Cordyceps promotes better sleep quality, leaving you energized and ready to embrace each new day with vigor.

And if you want to take this to the next level, pair Cordyceps with breathwork and meditation techniques. This will help you sleep like never before.

5. Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Gas

5. No Need To Worry About "Too Much Coffee"

Sometimes you may crave that extra energy boost later in the day. You might even savor an extra cup just for its delightful taste. And you shouldn’t have to worry about your sleep when you do.

That's why RYZE combines their mushroom blend with Organic Arabica coffee. Together they offer gentle energy without compromising your ability to unwind and drift into a restful sleep at night.

Enhanced with Organic MCT Oil and Coconut Milk, this creamy combination mixes delicious taste with a velvety texture that supports your body's relaxation and eases you to sleep. Even when you enjoy it as an evening treat.

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