5 Ways RYZE Mushroom Matcha Stops Bad Breath at the Source

You might think there’s no way that tea can help bad breath…and we admit, it’s surprising. But RYZE Mushroom Matcha is going viral as a secret weapon in the battle against bad breath…

1. The Secret Source of Bad Breath?

That white coating on your tongue? That’s bad bacteria, and it’s giving you foul breath. And no mouthwash in the world can freshen your breath, because it’s not your mouth that’s the problem, it’s your GUT!

But how? When your gut is inflamed, it’s easy for bad bacteria to reproduce… and it results in stinky dragon breath. So you’ve got to figure out how to quench the fire of inflammation…

2. RYZE Fights Off Inflammation & Calms Your Gut

You need to attack the bacteria that are causing bad breath. That means you need to deal with inflammation at the source. And RYZE’s 6 adaptogenic mushrooms can help!

Lion’s Mane battles inflammation head-on. It also gives your immune system an overall boost so you can fight off viruses and germs.

In addition, King Trumpet, Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Shiitake soothe the inflammation in your gut.

3. RYZE Gets Rid of Bad Bacteria

Next, you’ve got to remove the bad bacteria that have overtaken your gut.

There’s Shiitake, an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that helps clear up infections AND helps prevent them! It diminishes bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Plus, Turkey Tail is the “guardian of the gut.” Its antimicrobial properties, along with Matcha’s antibacterial powers, keep your gut protected from bad bacteria.

4. RYZE Brings In the Good Bacteria

Now you need to fill the gut with good bacteria. And there’s nothing good bacteria love more than prebiotics & probiotics!

Matcha has polyphenols and prebiotic fiber that encourage beneficial gut bacteria

Blue Spirulina also feeds the “good guys” and encourages a diverse, balanced microbiome. While Turkey Tail and Reishi help keep up the delicate balance of gut flora.

5. RYZE Rebalances Your Gut For Better Breath

Every time you enjoy RYZE Mushroom Matcha, you’re also getting a healthy dose of antioxidants, which help soothe and protect your gut lining, preventing future inflammation.

RYZE Mushroom Matcha also contains blue spirulina, which is another concentrated source of antioxidants. Add to that King Trumpet, and you’ve got multiple sources of antioxidants protecting your gut lining.

And that healthy balanced gut? Well, it results in sweet-smelling, kiss-worthy breath!

If you made it to #5 it’s about time you try Ryze for yourself…

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