7 Reasons Why This New Morning Coffee Is Going Viral With Young And Old

Tired of feeling bloated, jittery, and anxious? Coffee might be why you’re not at your 100%. Fortunately, there’s an upgrade! Filled with countless health benefits, there's something for everyone in this game-changing drink. 

RYZE Mushroom Coffee is the go-to upgrade to coffee for over 500K people. And with tens of thousands of verified 5-star reviews, it's globally beloved by all - men, women, young, and old. Thousands are raving about the positive change they saw after changing to RYZE. Here's why.

1. Balance and Stability – Starting from the Gut

According to recent studies, nearly 40% of adults suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Millions are pained by digestive issues. You might not realize it, but our bodies let us know through signs such as bloating, inflammation, and rashes. Or maybe your skin gets dry or your hair gets greasy.

Either way, these symptoms are like an alarm signal from your gut. Fortunately, RYZE Mushroom Coffee's potent and all-organic recipe targets the problem at its core. Its delicious blend contains 6 adaptogenic mushrooms that work holistically to improve your gut health.

Their medicinal properties have been studied and used for centuries. They include:

  • antimicrobial properties that cleanse your digestive system

  • prebiotic support for healthy gut bacteria

  • and even lowering cholesterol

    (Plus many health benefits which we’ll get to in a moment)

So it's no surprise that so many people put an end to bloating and improve their health with RYZE.

2. It Gives You a Kick... Without the Crash

As you might expect, RYZE Mushroom Coffee fills you with a long-lasting energizing boost. Unlike regular coffee which simply dulls your ability to feel tired, gives you jitters, and sets you up for the inevitable crash...

RYZE's energy is real. One of its mushrooms, Cordyceps, helps fill your blood with oxygen and deliver it straight to your brain and muscles. That's why RYZE only needs 48mg of caffeine (half a normal dose).

The two combined lead to a more effective energy boost than caffeine alone.

And the flow of natural energy carries on from morning to night. This supportive mushroom is like a friend meeting you at each mile of a marathon, dosing out energy that you need to feel your best.

Can sugar or energy drinks give you sustained energy without the dreaded crash later?

3. Stress and Anxiety Are Steadily Relieved

Not only does it pick you up in the morning and soothe your gut throughout the day, but RYZE also improves your body’s natural stress response.

Stress is more than just a feeling. It's a build-up of hormones and toxins that have been linked to life-long heart problems and obesity. Whether you're 20 or 70, stress is something you need to take seriously before the damage is done.

That's why RYZE's ingredients have been carefully selected to tackle stress as a top priority.

Beyond the energy boost that fortifies your body, RYZE also includes Reishi and Lion's Mane. These two adaptogens help balance your mood and hormones. Daily drinkers of RYZE have noticed improved sleep, sharper mental clarity, and a sense of calm – all of which are connected to a drop in cortisol and stress levels.

But there's even more to it than that...

4. Antioxidants Enrich Your Body

While stress is normal, so is aging. As your cells get older, they suffer from a more intense form of stress: oxidative stress.

From what we eat to the air we breathe... Even from sunlight. So-called "free radicals" reach our cells and damage them, leading to the common effect we call "aging."

But before you consider a face lift, know that antioxidants are known to act like a shield against free radicals in the process of aging. And the great news is... RYZE's mushrooms are packed with them. 

They also contain fatty acids which protect your skin from sunlight’s UV radiation. Plus, Shiitake, one of the other mushrooms, contains Beta-Glucans and L-Ergothioneine that help regenerate your cells and strengthen you from the inside out.

5. It Gives You Laser-Like Focus

What's better than being calm? When you’re able to effortlessly get in the zoneand stay focused on your tasks for hours on end, the flow state.

For some, this may come easily. But for those who could use an attention aid, know that RYZE's adaptogenic mushrooms can make a noticeable difference.

Reishi improves sleep, mood regulation, and mental acuity. Proponents say it got rid of their brain fog. Meanwhile, Lion's Mane has been shown to enhance memory and concentration, and also promote the growth of white cells and even new neurons.

So if you're looking to be more productive, don't settle for cheap energy. Look for a healthier, more sustainable lift, provided by the power of mushrooms.

6. Maximize Your Health With Immunity Boosters

And for the long-term... Preventative care is best.

While older folks benefit from relieving symptoms, young folks can avoid them altogether. Many common issues come from a weakened immune system, paired with oxidative stress. This commonly shows up as joint pain, swelling, acne, hair loss, and persistent illnesses.

To tackle this, King Trumpet is the hero you need. Known as the "immunity elixir," it is chock full of antioxidants and amino acids that help boost your immune system. Together with Lion's Mane and Shiitake, they help fight off inflammation, bad fungi or bacteria, and even viruses.

Keep yourself healthy and youthful with a morning cup of RYZE!

7. A Smooth Fit for Thousands

Switching to RYZE is easier than ever with its delicious taste. It's smooth, like the creamy coconut milk you'd use to brew your beverage.

Alongside all the health benefits, the most common word used to describe it is: "DELICIOUS!"

And there are many ways you can get creative with your mushroom blend. Because there is no overwhelming mushroom taste. You can make hot chocolate for Christmas, or even mix it into desserts.

In the end, everyone enjoys RYZE in their own unique, creamy, and delicious way.

It's time you tried RYZE for yourself...

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