Ingredients to refuel and restore, including superfood mushrooms for whole-body health, beloved nootropics for mental clarity, and healthy fats to fuel up every morning.

cordyceps mushrooms on solid background

1. Cordyceps

Cordyceps was first discovered by Tibetan farmers high on the Himalayan plateaus over 2000 years ago when their livestock exhibited unprecedented energy and good health after ingesting the fungi. They quickly became a favorite for natural, sustainable energy and have been a centerpiece in traditional eastern medicine ever since. Now, we bring them to you in our blend, so you too can feel their power.

lion's mane mushroom on solid background

2. Lion's Mane

Buddhist monks used Lion’s Mane extensively to enhance focus and purpose in their study and meditation. Considered a nootropic food, this mushroom has properties that improve cognitive skills, including memory and concentration. Lion’s mane is notable for its ability to repair and regenerate neurons by helping the body produce nerve growth factor (NGF), and has been found in research studies to improve cognitive function.

reishi mushroom on solid background

3. Reishi

A mushroom of many names including “the mushroom of immortality,” Reishi is a superfood multi-tasker. Along with containing zinc, iron, dietary fiber, and amino acids, what really makes this mushroom special is its immune-enhancing bioactive components. Reishi works as an antiviral, antimicrobial, and contains antioxidants that pump up the body’s natural defenses to fight disease.

shiitake mushroom on solid background

4. Shiitake

Included for its all around immune-boosting properties, Shiitake has the bragging right of having all 8 amino acids. It contains the polysaccharide lentinan which has been shown to heal chromosome damage and reduce cholesterol. Clinical studies have shown that Shiitake lowers inflammation levels and increases overall immunity, making it an incredible immune builder.

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turkey tail mushroom on solid background

5. Turkey Tail

Without the help of prebiotics, probiotics wouldn’t be able to do their job. Fortunately, this mushroom is loaded with indigestible fibers that the gut microorganisms love and rely on, meaning that Turkey Tail is an incredible gut protector. And with more than half of Americans living with GI issues, including prebiotics like Turkey Tail can be hugely beneficial in aiding healthy digestion.

king trumpet mushroom on solid background

6. King Trumpet

Sneaky one of our favorites, King Trumpet has it all. A rich source of antioxidants and niacin, a B-vitamin that strengthens memory and overall brain function, this mushroom has also been studied to support cardiovascular function and balance out cholesterol levels. King Trumpet is uniquely equipped to help protect from free radical damage and defend against chronic disease.

coconut wedges on solid background

7. MCT 

MCT stands for Medium-chain Triglycerides. Or as we like to say, fatty goodness. In fact, MCT is derived from the natural oils of palm and coconut. These fats are healthy types called fatty acids and are easily broken down by our bodies as saturated fat. As a natural metabolic fat burner, MCT oil is quickly absorbed and contains vitamin D, for calcium absorption, immune health, and muscle function.

coffee beans on solid background

8. Arabica Coffee

A whopping 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily. While coffee sometimes gets a bad rap in the health world, it’s wildly popular and healthy. What some don’t realize is that coffee is in fact the number one way that American adults get antioxidants into their diet. Coffee also decreases type II diabetes risk, and sharpens memory, due to its key nutrients like B vitamins, manganese and potassium.

At RYZE, we meticulously crafted our mushroom coffee blend to harness the power of 6 superfood mushrooms, arabica coffee, and MCT oil to bring you immunity, jitter-free focus, and calm energy. Start to RYZE today and get the superfoods you need all in one cup, delivered to your door each month.

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