Searching for Purpose, and Better Coffee

My name is Andrée and I met my best friend Rashad freshman year in calculus class. We decided to pair up on our final project together. I believe our task was to figure out the volume of a 3D pig. We got an A+ on that project and figured we make a pretty good team.

After graduation, life took us different places, literally. I went to NYC for graduate school at Juilliard. Rashad moved to Chicago to work at KraftHeinz, managing big-name coffee brands. On the weekends, we were trying to recapture our college days, trying to be adults but living like we were kids. We lived by the mantra, work hard, play hard. We seemed full of life, but really we were living on a crutch, called coffee, that would slowly leave us feeling dead inside. 

For years, both of us ran on coffee.

We aren’t alone in that. A staggering 9/10 Americans consume caffeine daily, averaging ~3.2 cups per day. So much of society revolves around coffee: business meetings over coffee, friends meeting up to get coffee, etc. Over caffeine consumption is real and is creating major problems for millions of people. It’s making our sleep worse, our anxiety spike, and our health decline from the brain on down to the gut. Rashad and I felt this increasingly in our day to day lives.

We were tired...

of waking up groggy every morning, guzzling tons of coffee throughout the day to stay energize, having poor workouts, restless sleep, just to start the whole cycle over again. We knew we needed to make a change.

Why weren't there more, better coffee options?

A question we started to ask our selves more and more. With no answers, it was time we stepped up and made it ourselves. 

Enter RYZE. We playfully call it Coffee on 'Shrooms.

It is coffee infused with 6 organic medicinal mushrooms. We sourced and tested for months, making sure we landed on the perfect combination that covered all the aspects of body and mind health that we needed. Imagine a coffee that not only wakes you up but gives you energy that lasts ALL day and nourishes your brain for the long term. It burns fat, reduces stress, supports immunity, is low acidity and much easier on the gut than regular black coffee. That’s it, simple. We spent over a year formulating and finally in March 2020 it was ready to share.

Coffee is a big thing to take on. But we're doing it with something even mightier.

— Mushrooms. In a space that’s increasingly crowded with BS, authenticity and quality are more important than ever. Our mushrooms are rigorously third party tested and sourced from the finest family farms in the United States. 

RYZE has changed our lives from the inside out. We know it will change yours, too.

- Andrée + Rashad 

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Every purchase of RYZE goes to teaching children mindfulness in schools. 

We care about making something that’s more than just a product. We care about making something that has an impact. We’re proud to be able to donate 1% of our sales to Mindfulness First, a non-profit organization that teaches kids trauma-informed mindfulness techniques to help them manage stress and navigate life’s challenges.  

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