5 Ways Mushroom Coffee Finally Tamed My Overactive Appetite and Sugar Craving

Ever had those moments when your appetite seems to have a mind of its own? 

Trust me, I've been there. Sneaking in a bite here, splurging on an extra serving there... My overactive appetite and the weight that followed were a constant struggle. 

Until one night of TikTok scrolling led me to discover RYZE. It's been a game-changer for me. So here are 5 ways RYZE Mushroom Coffee helped me naturally curb my appetite:

1. RYZE Makes Me Feel Full... For 6 Hours or More

I always used to get the munchies. Feeling satisfied after a meal felt like a far away fantasy. 15 minutes later and I was ready to eat again.

Honestly, I got used to the constant snacking, but it became really tough to keep track of my calories.

Well, RYZE is my satiety savior. Its Mushroom Coffee includes Shiitake, a fantastic mushroom that contains beta-glucans. These dietary fibers are like your secret weapon against hunger. They help you feel more full and satisfied, making those pesky snack cravings a thing of the past.

Battling those midday munchies is a piece of cake with RYZE by your side.

2. It Puts a Stop to Grumpy Mornings

Ever noticed how a bad night's sleep can throw your appetite out of whack? It's a real struggle, but with RYZE it’s so much easier to manage.

You see, when you sleep poorly, hormones that control your fullness and hunger– leptin and ghrelin – go haywire. For me, that means being grumpy the whole day, and a lot of snacks.

When the two hormones are in harmony, not only do you feel better, but you also eat fewer calories without even trying.

That’s why RYZE Mushroom Coffee contains Reishi, the sweet dreams mushroom.

All good habits start the night before, and it sure is way easier getting through the day when you’re sleeping better.

3. It Knocked Out My Sweet Tooth

I mentioned snacks and sneaky bites... It made me feel especially guilty because they were all junk food. Well, it turns out stress and elevated cortisol levels make you crave energy-dense foods. In some studies up to 70% of people report eating more sweets after experiencing stress.

So trust me, you’re not alone!

The good news is, my stress is nowhere near as bad since I started drinking RYZE. I've been way more zen, and so have my sugar cravings. 

One of the mushrooms, Lion's Mane, is the key player here. Studies show that it increases pro-nerve growth factors in the brain which are related to managing stress and overall brain health.

I can safely say that RYZE knocked out my sweet tooth – I haven’t touched junk food in weeks!

4. Extra Energy From RYZE Fuels My Active Lifestyle

My appetite isn't the only one that's overactive. I love going out, hiking, dancing... It's what keeps me in shape in spite of the extra meals. But then I have days when I feel like a sloth, with barely enough energy to get off the couch and do simple tasks.

It gets hard staying consistent with an active lifestyle. It gets harder with age. I started worrying that I’d have to cut down on some of my hobbies…

However, ever since I made the switch to RYZE, those days are completely gone.

Cordyceps, a vital ingredient in its blend, delivers a clean and jitter-free energy boost, perfect for getting up and about. And I haven't noticed any afternoon crashes or extra munchies like when I use caffeine to force myself up.

Now, I'm always enjoying my active lifestyle, with RYZE cheering me on throughout the day.

5. RYZE Balances My Gut to Curb Cravings

Finally, the real reason we want to control our appetite is our health and well-being, right? Well, all of that starts in your gut

Your gut acts like a second brain, actually. The flora inside sends signals to your actual brain and even influences your personality. What we call “bad bacteria” is an overgrowth of sugar-craving bacteria asking you to feed them.

RYZE contains gut-rebalancing mushrooms that silence unhealthy cravings.  

Lion's Mane, Reishi, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail all help keep things in check, by promoting the growth of “good bacteria” and balancing your cravings. So when I do crave something nowadays, all I need is a nice cup of RYZE to bring everything back in my hands.

It feels great no longer being a prisoner to my appetite.

My advice to you:

if your appetite is getting the best of you, you should definitely give RYZE a shot.

Personally, it has made my everyday-life a thousand times easier. What could it do for you?

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