5 Benefits That Make RYZE The Best Pre-Workout Drink For Fitness Enthusiasts!

“Thanks, RYZE, for finding ways to help us lead healthier lives.” – Linda L.

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1. It Helps Increase Your Blood Oxygen Levels

1. It Helps Increase Your Blood Oxygen Levels

To get the most out of each time you hit the bike path, gym, or trail, you need the stamina to match your ambition.

Without the proper amount of oxygen in your blood, your body can’t supply you with the energy you need to finish your workout strong. That means you can’t push yourself as hard as you need to to hit your goals

RYZE Mushroom Coffee combats this issue with a healthy dose of Cordyceps mushrooms. This fungus helps your body deliver more oxygen to your blood so you can give 110% every time you train.

2. It Helps You Focus On Your Workout Better Than Ever

2. It Helps You Focus On Your Workout Better Than Ever

Any athlete knows you need to have laser focus on your goals to reach them. Athletes also understand that there are days when life gets in the way and distracts you from your fitness goals.

If you want to maintain that laser sharp focus you need when you’re trying to push your body to its limit, what you need is Lion’s Mane mushroom.

Lion’s Mane has been used by Buddhist monks to help with focus for hundreds of years. In your daily cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee, this adaptogenic mushroom will help you bring focus and purpose every time you push your body.

3. Better Sleep And Better Recovery? Yes Please!

3. Better Sleep And Better Recovery? Yes Please!

Your sleep may be the most important factor for reaching your fitness goals. Great sleep allows your body to maximize recovery and function at its absolute best.

Bad sleep can do more than just make you tired though. When your body isn't getting the time it needs to rebuild itself every night, that can have detrimental effects on your training.

That’s why RYZE Mushroom Coffee has a healthy dose of Reishi mushroom in every cup. By helping your body control your cortisol levels, this incredible fungi is pro-sleep. That means better recovery and more energy for your training regimen.

4. Your Gut Will Love It!

4. Your Gut Will Love It!

You might be surprised to learn that your gut health can impact more than just your digestion. The idea of a “gut feeling” isn’t just a saying – your gut actually connects to your brain and influences your nervous system, endurance, and even your mood.

So doesn't it make sense to give it all the support you can?

Thankfully RYZE Mushroom Coffee includes the Turkey Tail mushroom. This gut-friendly mushroom is loaded with prebiotics that your gut needs to support the balance of healthy bacteria. And with a healthy gut, you’ll see improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and more available energy.

So not only will it help you maintain the motivation to exercise but the stamina too.

5. It Boosts Your Immunity To Prevent Illness

5. It Boosts Your Immunity To Prevent Illness

Every athlete has had their training thrown off by an unexpected cold or virus at the worst times. That usually means losing WEEKS of progress in just a few days. It can also mean losing muscle, strength, and stamina to days of bed rest.

With RYZE Mushroom Coffee, you can take an extra precaution against those hurdles.

With the “healing elixir” of King Trumpet in the mix, you’ll be getting an immunity boost in every cup of RYZE Mushroom Coffee. Thanks to the amino acids and antioxidants, King Trumpet gives your body the tools it needs to fight off infections and disease at its core.

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Absolutely the most productive add to my morning and midday routine! Mixed into coffee in the a.m. for sipping with some Yoga work, then with my protein shake in the afternoon.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jeffery H.

“I purchased Ryze because I drink way too much coffee. I am a Fitness Instructor/Fitness Biz Owner and need focus and energy all day long. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste of Ryze coffee. It's an easy way for me to help my body and reduce my caffeine habit all at once." 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Wendy M.

"Does not break my daily 18-24 hour fasts, and fits uniquely into my Carnivore/Ketogenic Lifestyle. Provides me endless energy! As a fitness professional (group instructor, trainer, and writer), I encourage you not only to wake up but to RYZE." 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Phoebe D.

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